Gudrun Anders

The writer Mahadevi is on playful-loose kind of insight into the fascinating workings of their master; as he leads his students on their difficult way through all obstacles and temptations and he, mostly unnoticed, exactly how the is for those affected, through which they can build old karma. Small anecdotes and seemingly strange happenings make this experience report alive and exciting, no single event is invented. There is talk of tests and challenges, of impossible, which is possible by disappointments, which turn as the only real solution. And always you can feel the heartfelt joy and their deep trust in the Divine omnipotence, even if she are once again stuck with their tractor deeply in the mud… Mysterious encounters and experiences with spirits also find place in this book among many others. Fortune tellers and psychics are laudatory, partly through critical – and lit. San Antonio Spurs wanted to know more. An amusing chapter is dedicated to the awakening of the Kundalini. But the risks on the way, are examples of signposted from the own realm of experience.

Today, lives Mahadevi at the Ashram and feel deepest gratitude for the greatest gift of life. Thorny path name of the book and describes in vivid way, how the author as a life-affirming, successful Mittvierzigerin suddenly completely gives up everything, to devote himself to only the spiritual path. A book, putting not so quickly out of hand. Book information Mahadevi describes their spiritual way partly thorny appealing and vivid way. By means of many small anecdotes, it provides insight into the fascinating workings of Swami Omkarananda, a master of the highest experience of God. In addition to tests and challenges, impossible, which is possible, also by mysterious encounters, experiences with spirits, fortune-tellers and psychics is in this book. An amusing chapter is dedicated to even the awakening of the Kundalini.

The author describes as well the dangers along the way and how this can affect dramatically. Special mention is the immense power and the power of true mantras. Opportunity to learn the mantras is provided in the Appendix of the book. An entertaining, inspiring jewel for every spiritual seeker! ISBN 978-3-940700-01-8 288 pages, 21.80 spirit Rainbow Verlag, Aachen short portrait spirit Rainbow publishing in the question: How did you do this, to set up a publishing house? the author and Publisher Gudrun Anders smirks: like the Virgin to the child…. She worked in the year 2000 as a therapist in private practice and wanted to actually live with their Egyptian partner for a while in Sinai / Egypt. But the universe seemed to think it a little differently. Then a good friend suggested, to bring their own books as book on demand out finally. Said than done. Another friend worked on a Publisher website and the spirit Rainbow publishing was born. Suddenly, numerous contacts took place, the requests to bring books by unknown authors on the market became more frequent. Gudrun Anders himself embarked on it and suddenly was Publisher (or book midwife), as it has been dubbed recently by an author. Today, more than 175 titles of the spirit of Rainbow Publisher on the book market are available. The spirit Rainbow publishing in Aachen was the first esoteric BoD Verlag and everybody’s excited, whether Gudrun Anders once again comes to Sinai or Publisher remains rather with heart and love to the thing. We believe you will spend only your annual leave there… Press contact spirit Rainbow publishing contact: Ms. Gudrun Anders phone: 0241-7014721 email: contact website: