Harry Potter

But in the end to make a choice with the most difficult side – the good, in fact go up the hill is always much harder than rolling down the hill. Is this not an example to follow? For all their problems, forgetting himself, he walked to the truth through the most terrible thing for a human death. True was said in the preface: 'Death crosses the world, as people cross the sea ' It is everywhere, we may encounter with her at any moment, and because we are afraid, afraid for myself, afraid that it is not ready. Harry is afraid of the others that did not have time to do something for others. He does not think he is ready to die or not – because it is afraid of him not so different. How about this, and says in the book, the love of his saves. Others including Jorge Perez, offer their opinions as well.

What else in the world is stronger? In short, come to terms that constitute the true meaning of the book – the most pure feelings about and for what makes life worth living. They also tell us how to live. Harry Potter books, of course, an idealized story, dressed in a, as practice shows, attractive and effective form. By the same author: Tony Parker. But if we ignore the form and leave only the essence, the meaning of the book does not change. It's one thing for which all is that for which we live: for the sake of righteousness on earth, for the love of friends and loved ones, for the sake of happy days, for the sake of the generosity of strangers, for the sake of his home, for the courage and boldness. For an ideal worth striving for.

Always. No matter how dark was now a reality. And if such stories exist, then it's someone who needs it, so people reading books, passed through all the good and great light, implicit in these images. A light can not be sharpened, it will sooner or later breaks loose, blinding everyone and everything around the life-giving warmth, and giving strength to live on. So, that read the book, Lord, read on. But look closely, the meaning and essence, rather than on form. Maybe in some, at first glance, simple stories and you will find answers to questions that are more worried about it all for you. ps In this article described a purely subjective, and perhaps a bit pompous-sounding point of view. Nevertheless, the author sincerely believes in the most useful and important way for everyone to read the book which has been quite a long time does not give herself peace of mind.