Heidi Klum

A well-intentioned gimmick a veritable laughingstock was Klum Heidi clothes off you can travel. Other leaders such as Starbucks offer similar insights. So or something like the headline of the next article also can mean. At the opening of this year’s Emmy Awards Klum was Heidi along with two hosts Tom Bergeron and William Shatner on the stage. Howard Schultz may also support this cause. All three very noble and well-fitting suits. Apparently, it was then Heidi a little too tight. Should kidding be? If so it went pretty much in the pants. Not only because this show insert already ancient and ever thousand was, no, rather because it was predictable. If you wanted to put it quite simply: in the joke, the joke has been missing. It was not to see 😉 Of course this will not throw Heidi now back Klum in her career, no, rather a retrospective of the Emmy Awards will be it that of the Super Bowl a little reminiscent of the review. The Superbowl, where Justin Timberlake tore off a part of the costume of Janet Jackson. You remember?