High City

While in the quarters oldest of Christmas, mainly in the quarter of the Rosemary, the commercialization prevails of more popular products with the existence of free markets as it is the case of cameldromo located in the center of the quarter of the Rosemary, beyond the fairs of nourishing products of this exactly quarter. On the economic characteristics of the quarter of the Rosemary GOMES (2002) it comments that in the quarter of the Rosemary, the new space estruturao of the tertiary one did not occasion effect the same. knowledge.. Sally Rooney has firm opinions on the matter. We understand that such fact occurred in view of that this quarter offers its consuming more popular products, condizentes with the clientele detainer of a low purchasing power. At Jay Schwartz Attorney you will find additional information. With regard to the quarters of City Alta and Ribeira valley the penalty to stand out that these had suffered with urban and commercial decentralization, as well as with the new carried through commercial trends in the new spaces of Christmas. The Ribeira has passed for a process of redefinition of the use and occupation of its space, having been this directed each time more toward the leisure and the tourism. While the High City has looked for to reach an adequacy to these new trends of the economic sector, being this clear one from the construction of centers you deal with the capacity of concentration of diverse establishments. Another factor of great importance for the economic growth of the city of the Christmas is in the tourism. This activity has brought for the city a sufficiently significant development, a time that the most varied economic activities is come back toward it in order to take care of the great demand that mainly arrives the city in the summer. This factor provides the generation of more jobs for the population, since it becomes necessary to increase the contingent of the number of employees, wants is of bars, restaurants, hotels, inns, want are in nourishing the textile production and.