Holiday Party

When born the effective right to the enjoyment of the holidays? The first working day following that which the employee meets one (1) year of continuous work. (Article 219 LOT). How many days of enjoyment for holidays, does right the worker? Fifteen (15) business days the first year. The successive years entitled in addition to one (1) additional day paid for each year of service, up to a maximum of fifteen (15) business days. (Article 219 LOT) when the worker does the right to receive their vacation pay? Payment of the salary for the days of holidays should occur at the beginning of them.

(Article 222 LOT) do have the right worker to perceive other additional remuneration to the enjoyment of the holidays? A minimum allowance of (seven 7) days of salary the first year of service plus one (1) additional day for each successive year until a total of twenty-one (21) days of salary. (Article 223 LOT) if the worker receives food and/or accommodation part of their ordinary remuneration, will be right during his annual vacation to continue receiving them or their value instead of these (article 221 LOT) do have the right worker to perceive its not much enjoyed vacation pay even when the working relationship are finished for any reason? When for any reason the employment relationship without that worker enjoyed the vacation to which he is entitled, the employer shall pay the corresponding remuneration. (Article 224 LOT) When the employment relationship ends by causes other than the justified dismissal before their year of service, the worker shall be entitled to be paid the equivalent to the remuneration that would have caused in relation to annual leave in proportion to the full months of service during that year, as payment fractional vacation that would have matched him.(Article 225 LOT) what is the basic wage for the calculation of the holidays?.