How To Improve Income Through The Internet

Method to improve your CTR: Use keywords in your URL. to do that visitors love our ads without realizing that they are using AdSense ads Adsense is a contextual ad service, that is the key to its success, as they say “the ads are so useful that they loved visitors . But not all the time so, in many cases the ads are irrelevant, for example, I have an online marketing site and I sometimes appear ad agencies or transit agencies cuisine nothing to do with my business, this is for poc ml of courage and goes against the corporate objectives that I have also the visitor is not interested in those topics. But I can avoid that kind is to use the keywords of our niche market with the google tool to search for keywords (you can find all this information in Another Method 3 To Improve CTR, Use the right colors. This is important and can greatly improve the events click on the ads because the color affects the psychology of people, we ought to Use colors you to go according to the template you are using and the visitor will see in the ads part of our site and not something harmful or invasive to the page you leave some rules to follow: 1 .- light colors can be used as background … white, light blue or light green are the best colors to use as background. 2 .- Use the links to the color blue, for some strange reason this strategy works miracles, no other color on the links adsense CTR is better than blue, it’s as if our minds had been trained for this.