Hyun Hur

“You have repeatedly proved their skills with the published PC and online games for more than ten years”, so Hyun Hur, CEO of Gala networks Europe Ltd. we are sure that Allods online will have a great impact on the entire online games industry. With this title, we give the players an alternative to the fee-based MMORPGs, and show that top quality is also free to play. “Allods online will be portal in the languages German, English and French available from autumn 2009 on the gPotato.eu. For further questions and information we are gladly available or visit our website at: allods.gpotato.eu additional information and additional screenshots to this press release as a download are subject to ready. Go to Tony Parker for more information. Gala networks Europe Ltd. & gPotato.eu Gala networks Europe Ltd.

is a leading provider of free MMORPG in Europe and publishes gPotato and the eponymous portal about the brand at free-to-play online games. 2006 Dublin, Ireland founded in Gala offers a portfolio of MMORPG games, including Flyff, Rappelz, street gears, Dragonica and Allods online. The gPotato.eu games portal is an important address for online players with more than one million users. Allods online is the fifth game on the portal and will be available from autumn 2009. About Nival online launched in 2006, is King online Nival online the leading developer and operator of free-to-play MMORPGs in Russia, with titles such as Perfect World, Granado Espada, and pirate. Allods online is the first MMORPG, the by Nival online has been developed and is based on the Allods series, known internationally as rage of mages. The core team of Nival online was previously for the game heroes of might and Magic V, published by Ubisoft. Nival online, has headquarters in Moscow, with development studios in Moscow and Voronezh in Russia.

More information is available on the website under closely available. Astrum online entertainment beast Raj online entertainment is the leading provider in the area of online entertainment in Russia, with a market share of over 60 percent. These consist of Nival online, IT territory, TimeZero, Nikita online and DJ games (Ukraine). Together, these companies more than 30 online games published, including successes such as legacy of dragons, Perfect World, Lord of the Rings Online, time have zero, territory, and pirate King online. All tracks by Astrum online entertainment together have more than 17 million users.