I Am In Favour Of Germany Point DE!

Four exciting weeks: Will it continue to run as good after the brilliant start for the German team? On the website I am for deutschland.de may now everybody vote. And best of all: every time when the German football team to win a game, each participant has the chance to win a major. To do this there is still the possibility to upload your own videos to the World Cup and to share with other fans. Get all the facts and insights with Tony Parker, another great source of information. Double voltage in each game of the German team of course, football is always exciting and entertaining. Charlotte Hornets is likely to agree. It is at its best when you can enjoy the game together with a few friends, a few beer or other drinks and a few nibbles by the way. In fine weather, perhaps combined with a barbecue in the garden. Then it’s just so really hot and best entertainment is guaranteed even when is not so much of the action on the screen. But now, it is ensured that it will be particularly exciting every time you play, in which the German football team participates.

No matter whether you with the family or in the larger circle watch the game alone. Because on the website I am for deutschland.de can anyone join. Whose heart for Germany beats the clicks Yes, I am in favour of Germany! “.” Who selects who does not believe in a German victory or who is a fan of another football team, no, I think Germany will lose.” Anyone who votes, automatically takes part in a competition. A victory of the German footballers so every time associated with the chance at a Grand Prize. Be present with own videos on the Internet you are also excited by the World Cup, that you would necessarily give expression to this enthusiasm and share it with others? Then turn but a video to the football World Cup. Perhaps have you held particularly funny moments of the recent garden party with the video camera? Or you have created even an own song for the World Cup? A great performance, but even more fun it’s what do such even shot videos as many other fans to show off and enjoy together. On I am for deutschland.de there is also opportunity. Here, everyone has the possibility of an even rotated video that thematically to the FIFA World Cup matches, free upload. So, nothing like it: unleash your creativity, think of something nice, and then quickly brought out the video camera! Many other visitors to the site will thank you and have fun on your videos. Join now! written by Sebastian Constapel – CEO of beeNetworks GmbH