Just In Time On The Gift Table

Stephan Blendel Italian wines marketed what has to do movies with wine? Stephan Blendel from Passau knows it. He regularly organizes tastings in a movie theater, where a film on the subject of wine is then shown. With this combination, Blendel creates new worlds of experience. Learn more about this with San Antonio Spurs. So it’s obvious that the chef and Winemaker’s wine experience world called his company. Since last year, he has another Pearl in the range. He has discovered them first for Germany, believed and since then offered: the wines of Tenuta la Tenaglia from the Italian Piedmont.

Sabine Ehrmann, daughter of the Allgau yogurt producer family is the proprietor of the winery. Prominence is helpful, but ultimately decides the quality of the wines”Blendel justified his decision to bring the products of the winery after Germany. Since then he marketed them with much imagination and pleasure. Wine sale is the one to give the others a specific attitude to life”, explains his passion for the fine wines of the Monferrato Blendel. So it is only logical that he as only a collection, consisting of three high-quality wines in a decorative gift box, for the Christmas season offers.

Who wants to have it in the original, is found in the province of Alessandria. At the winery la Tenuta la Tenaglia is possible, shopping weekends until Christmas. As a special treat we offer our best wines in magnums guests”, Silvia makes your mouth watery Basso, Assistant to Managing Director, the guests. A special highlight is the annual Christmas party at the winery. The last opening of the year, a Christmas concert and an exhibition of Christmas cribs shine the Christmassy decorated Winery in a magical glow. Basso is in November in Germany. Then she presented the wines of Tenaglia to a menu in the restaurant Agave in Dusseldorf. Blendel Meanwhile prepared on the actions of the next year. Until then, he welcomed it, when Peter of Wuster with his company vino Viveri, offering the wines in Dusseldorf, to further Awareness helps. So we are together, ensure that the wines of Tenaglia in Germany know the appreciation that comes to them”, he says. And that is good is the creative Weinwirtschaft with the delicate palates.