Justin Timberlake Wears High Heels

The singer is for nothing too bad Beyonce: “I still do not believe, he did it!” Millions of girls and women love to this man – Justin Timberlake. Pop star usually is spot on. Unfortunately this is already taken on Actress Jessica Biel, but raving you do Yes. Peter Farrelly helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Now many are wondering for what ‘man’ they swarm there. In these images, this is not so easy to recognize. But don’t panic – Justin is still the same. Justin Timberlake has imposed, namely, for a sketch in black high heels and a black body and the image, which he submits is not necessarily worth watching.

But why all? With his two co-stars performed it in the Saturday night live show the hit single ladies by Beyonce. They still can’t believe it. “I can’t believe that he really did. It was indescribable. He is really talented and really funny”, so the singer. Is to be hoped that we don’t often see Justin Timberlake an outfit in such.