Largest Manufacturer Suspensions Axles

BPW – the largest manufacturer of suspension, axles for trailers, semitrailers, as well as spare parts. Company History BPW History began in 1898. The initial company name was "Bergische Patentachsenfabrik Wiehl". Smithy companies engaged in the production and repair of axles for agricultural machinery and vehicles for various purposes. The parent company, the BPW Viel (Wiehl) Company BPW Bergische Achsen is a leading manufacturer of axles and systems suspensions for trailers in the European market.

The company is composed of 13 factories worldwide, employing about 4700 employees. BPW produces over 250 000 axles per year. The production program consists of about 450 different versions of axes. Comparative calculations made by leading European transport companies, show that operating costs for trailers with BPW running gear for its 10 – year operation up to 25% lower than when operating with axles and suspensions of other manufacturers. BPW company is constantly working to modernize and improve its products. Over 400 patents received by engineers and designers BPW, is proof of that. Significant impact on the operating costs of the rolling stock has a line of technical performance to the conditions of its use. Operating conditions trailers in the Russian conditions significantly different from those from Western Europe.

This is evidenced by the test data obtained in 1996 – 2000 years when driving a mobile laboratory BPW via Russia. Dynamic stresses of driving on our roads, on average 3 times higher than on the roads of Western Europe. Based on the data processed, the designers have made some improvements BPW in the design of axles and suspensions, to best adapt them for use in heavy traffic conditions in Russia.