Latino Desire

On the whole spectrum of people's favorite styles is quite broad. And this is natural – everyone is different. And, therefore, there is an audience for songwriters and composers from various musical styles. Anyone looking for the music and songs, emotions and impressions that he would like to have. Why has developed just such a relationship favorite styles? I will tell her, very controversial, opinions. Everyone is looking at music in the first place those emotions, the impressions which he would like to have, but which he lacks in real life, and in a comprehensible and accessible form. For me musical styles associated with: rock – is associated primarily with the determination of action, frankly and clearly defined; pop – with bright, colorful, emotional perception of the world, a feeling of love, rap – With gay and reckless permissiveness; classical music – the desire for the beautiful, eternal and stable, chanson (in Russian his sense) – with simplicity and a desperate but calculated risks, waltz, romance – with the delight in her love of swing, country music – with the desire for an exciting adventure, disco, dance – with a desire to disconnect from the problems completely surrender the magic of music and dance, ballads – with a philosophical awareness of beauty and the transience of life; Latino – by immersion into a beautiful, almost unattainable dream. Statistics on the time of creation of songs and music you love and want to listen. Let us now see the approximate time the statistics of what are the songs and the music they love and want to listen to our contemporaries.