LTE Surf Stick

The manufacturers are already developing the LTE surf sticks. Who currently mobile would like to surf in Germany on the Internet, can this with the help of a UMTS stick do. The LTE standard in Germany will however be available from 2011. Tony Parker has compatible beliefs. Each user then needed a LTE surf stick. Currently provides LTE (Lont term evolution) represents the successor technology of existing UMTS-procedure. The LTE surf stick supports the use of the mobile Internet and represents a revolutionary development for both mobile operators and mobile phone users. The user uses a LTE surf stick so he will enjoy data transfer rates formerly previously unthinkable. This can apply not only for laptop and notebook but transferred to other media devices such as a phone, for example.

Thus, a faster, high-quality Internet access is possible in each locality. This applies to rebuild itself under difficult conditions such as, for example, an Internet connection in a moving vehicle. The LTE technology is a large number of different bandwidths support, what represents an important advantage over the UMTS procedure. It is, for example, a mobile phone, so also the battery of the device will be protected. Data transmission and reception over the General mobile phone network, much less energy is needed and consumed. This is “LTE network” once close-meshed enough and broadly interpreted, so the new technique is absolutely revolutionary, extremely high data transfers are possible. These promote the mobility and thus emphasize the use of the mobile Internet. Both loading also transfer with great content can be overcome within a very short time, and these facts are likely to make tasty technology the Internet users the new LTE. Were rewarded so far available data transmission speeds certainly not bad, so unexpected, which also favor the mobile Internet use him by he times with up to 50 possibilities speed now for the consumer will, as was previously the case.