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The skin becomes thick, glossy and points of sabaceos follicles are visible, are dilated. Dry skin: The skin is not uniform. There are areas cracked and peeling. In addition, the skin is tight even to produce an unpleasant sensation in the person. Combination skin: Is a type of skin that combines the oily skin with dry skin.

That is, there are areas with a greater presence of fats and others, for example, are cracked. Having dry skin is synonymous with that I need water? This is without doubt one of the first questions that people do. In many cases, the water in the skin is not retained and escapes because fails the structures that maintain hydration. What matiena then hydration? In dermatology two main structures are known as they are the Factor of Natural hydration (FHN), which is composed of protein, urea, lactates, uric acid, ammonia, sugars and other organic acids that are responsible for retaining water inside the dead keratinocytes. Currently, hyaluronic acid also plays a very important role in the capture of water into the cells. Keratinocytes lipids come out to the outside when they die and other responsible structure, form a waterproof layer composed of fatty acids, cholesterol and ceramides that prevent the passage of water through cells.

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