Matilde Time

As our group it was small of distinct gostos, we finished in separating and finding the time or the other. In one of these meeting, I perceived that Franchico and Matilde walked alone, rambling, drinking and dancing, together to the multitude, behind the electric trio. was clearly what it was happening. The privacy level is growing and the two already not only talked and danced together, also they were hugged and they kissed. It will be perpetual in my mind the scene of Matilde leaning themselves it a wall and vomiting intensely, can of beer in a hand, to supported other in the wall.

In the shoulder, the comforting hand of Franchico. It passed very badly, but they did not give up you are welcome. They came back to the folia, they continued drinking and kissing. This exactly! Badly Matilde finishes to vomit, Franchico gave a kiss to it in the mouth. Much people if made an impression when I counted this history.

Today I know that this only exemplificava the intensity of the love that was born there? thing in which nobody bet, given the apparent differences of the two. The time passed and is knowing that Franchico travelled in the weekends to be to the side of it. Much time did not last until it obtained a transference for the same city of it. In career terms, this represented a step stops backwards. But, certainly, intelligent and sensible with the things of the life, Franchico wise person very to ponder each necessary aspect for its peace and happiness well. Thus, the years had been passing. Franchico had plus a son, now with Matilde. Deferred payment in the city of the interior, continues accurately in the same job, does not study more, readings had ahead become rare, parties alone with moderation and of a select group of friends. Franchico turned a man family, in deep much people would like to have a life thus. Penalty that it has discovered that, no matter how hard it tries to be logical and rational in the search for the happiness, no matter how hard if it dedicates in conquering the things and establishing its interior peace, the happiness finishes if summarizing to the proper search. Today, ahead of that it conquered, and for more been thankful than it is I obtain same for having it fact, it feels homesicknesses of its reflections of bachelor, of the freedom of movement, although the eventual solitude of the time where only it practically had commitment I obtain exactly. If to the bohemian it lacked the security of a steady life to control its impetus, to the husband stabilized it lacks the imprevisibilidade of the bohemian. Unhappyly never in we will feel them complete. But it is this dynamism that makes in them to follow in the life, although the necessity of weighing with care the decisions, therefore ways have without return. Therefore Franchico decided to continue with its current life, seeing the time to pass, the children to grow, and aging in peace.