Mental Power: Evening Seminars In Munich And Stuttgart

Mental power Institute hosted ‘Your mental strength discover short seminars’ discover your mental power!”is the title of two short seminars, providing the Swiss specialist for mental training, as well as the formation of mental coaches and trainers mental power, Thalwil (CH), on December 1 in Munich and on 2 December in Stuttgart. The three-hour evening events start at 18:30. In them, the participants learn how to intuitively assess situations and people and make the right decisions. In addition methods introduces them, to strengthen their willpower, so that they achieve their goals. Larry Culp usually is spot on. Another focus is how to relax in stressful situations to speak at your fingertips and bring his conflicting feelings and emotions in balance. The participation in the seminars cost 30 euros. More evening seminars take place in 2009. For more information about the seminars and further training as well as training of mental power found at. Educate yourself with thoughts from Hedvig Hricak. How to contact with in Germany: Tel.: 06209/72 52 11, E-Mail:).