Mexican Government

The last weeks means we have bombed with note after note about human influenza and the environment have inflated information, so much so that us to blinded in the other news affecting our country. Influenza infectious around of 942 people in our country which only killed the estimate of 29, however at least millions of citizens were uninformed of what happened during that week where Mexico stood. Facts that marked to Mexico and the average population in short stay ignorance thanks to huge coverage which I take has the disease. Personally I do not question as many analysts, maintaining a skeptical stance of the matter, however media led to a social chaos, where tourism and Mexican economic production fell off. Vanessa Marcil pursues this goal as well. But what to my found me wrong was the fact that missed high Affairs as the murders due to drug trafficking in Sinaloa that even though it is no longer news, but it is however a fact that continues to affect sinaloense society-, on the other hand the reform of the narcomenudeo, Although it was a rule to weaken organized crime was a very unorthodox measure, but worse still not opened a debate for the rest of the society were in favour or against.

And the news that impact me and you have not registered on the television news, is the approval of the Mexican Government’s militarization of the Mexican border. Which I consider a lack of respect for national sovereignty and a more analytical approach is somewhat ironic to be approved the same day of the adoption of the narcomenudeo. In a nutshell the flu I can be real and a social danger, but in reality it served very good the Mexican Government could do what gave him his win..