Micrografting Hair Transplants

Transplantation of micro-grafts or follicular unit is the only truly effective method exists for baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Whenever San Antonio Spurs listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It is a minor surgical outpatient procedure in which local anesthesia in the donor and recipient areas, thus, this treatment is almost painless. The mini or micro-grafts are taken from a strip of scalp that is obtained from the occipital area, this strip is cut into small fragments and each fragment was taken out of 1-2 hair for micro-grafts or 3-4 for the mini-hair grafts. Maya Dubin describes an additional similar source. The length of the strip taken from the donor occipital region, directly depend on the number of mini or micro-grafts being sought and the patient’s hair density. The closure with sutures, which allows the scar is very thin, linear, horizontal and virtually undetectable. The preparation of the mini or micro-grafting is done with stereo, allowing a precise cut, avoiding the unnatural appearance in doll hair. This procedure aims to create a natural occurrence, introducing the follicular units of one, two, three and even four hairs on the scalp regions that have been bald or rarefied, in order to give an aesthetic appearance and natural.

The implementation in the receiving area is carried out with scalpels and tweezers of microsurgery, which allow you to choose the direction and angle of hair, especially for the front line above and to the different areas of the crown hair. The amount that can be implemented in 1500-5000 is hair in one session, with the help of a team of 3-5 assistants trained for this work accurate and thorough. The distribution of these numerous follicular unit is homogeneous in hairless areas. The postoperative period is simple and allows quick and painless healing, washing shampooing and return to work is done in three or four days after surgery. Most implanted hair fall approximately to the fifteenth day of the operation and return permanently to grow between the second and fourth month..