Musicians At Wedding

Musicians at a wedding over 10 years of existence, the musicians of “flower children” were made at thousands of weddings. These were grand wedding celebration for the children members of the State Duma of Russia, a wedding for the stars Foreign and Russian pop. Musicians at a wedding show group VIA flower children drew attention to one thing: popular songs at weddings and other celebrations are songs of childhood, favorite cartoons. That has been the musical program, which was claimed by people of all ages and professions education. First, the musicians at the wedding just to echo a song in one child, then received official permission to singing groups: Flowers, Fun guys, Earthlings, Dobry done, as well as some foreign artists have made their author covers. They set direction for the show, they sewed costumes that are appropriate to each specific events, elaborate jokes and funny musical inserts, turned a bright, fiery show. From the first song performed by musicians at the wedding of a group of flower children, the people love waking up, disappearing negative emotions, people feel happy, like children, which my mother gave their first tricycle. Imagine the grandparents who, along with the bride and groom, all guests, shaking his head to the song “We have called to you for an hour,” or when the whole room singing together for the bride and groom song “golden ray of sunlight ….