Here you have the internet A few steps separate you from the last phase of registration of its Web pages. Registration is complete – a site filled with content, only here no one knows about this site. Then, by the laws of the genre of promotion, you register in the various search engines, directories, etc. But the counter continues to show contempt zeros, and if the shows a couple of visits, so it's just a casual visitor who wandered to you knows how. Like all properly started Naturally, it is necessary to wait until the search engines index your site (it takes up to 3 weeks), but because in a month and two for you so no one will glance, except that a few friends at your request! Why is this happening? Because the search engines your site is not located on the first and not even on the second page of search results. To climb in search results, you need to optimize the page for a particular query, and also have a high citation index.

That's about a citation index, we'll talk. Citation index (CI), or thematic index of citing (TIC) – a figure that shows how many sites refer to your website. It’s believed that Andrea Marks sees a great future in this idea. If 10 sites link to your site, it has ic = 100. In this case, tic weightier ic, as references to the sites of similar subjects. Therefore, if you have a well optimized site with a low index of citation, then the first page of the search, oh, it does not just to get To improve the ic can share links to various sites, participate in banner exchange, but it is not effective enough, and sometimes it is necessary for more and the money to pay. As a consequence, we will untwist the site your mind! Write articles. We consider that this provides. The network has many places where the article will be free with direct link to your site, while for the advertising to pay.

By placing an article on a pair of popular website, by the time you may notice that she begins to unravel the network. Please visit Ken Kao if you seek more information. Many owners take their sites to fill other people's content of the article. Importantly do not forget to mention the end of the article, that article intended for free distribution to the conservation of all links of the author. Having such artless surgery, you will for a long time to provide themselves with targeted visitors, rather than random internet surfers. Then there is still one question: what to write? No Problem: write about what related to the subject of your site. At first it might seem that an article is not so easy, but it is a misconception, it is enough to overpower their fear and write at least two lines, and there the text itself fingers. The volume also become unimportant, but do not try to write too much paper – enough characters 3000-5000 (500-700 words). There remains one point, you not only increase the citation site, but also receive an additional influx of visitors who read your article. But this influx will be only quality articles. And do not forget to check before you publish your text on spelling and grammatical errors Readers are unlikely to click on your link, if there is a lot of mistakes, if any, read the article. And know the quality of the material in the text you are building your credibility, not least on the Internet! That's all, please write to health.