Netreba System

On the day segodneshny best source of heat is vtg. vtg is typically used for heating homes, offices, manufacturing space. vtg is also used for heating greenhouses and other agricultural premises. vtg also be used for technological purposes (heating of process liquids (including aggressive), petroleum products, water Swimming pool, saunas, laundries, pasteurization of food products. Heating the liquid vhg is due to the collapse of a large number of bubbles , friction, and the synthesis of molecules of water. vtg is very easy to install, no need to dismantle the old heating system, you can connect to the existing system of supplying heat.

The design and dimensions of the vhg, allows to install it in any dedicated for this room is not required to install special construction foundation, not necessarily individual rooms such as boiler room. For the installation of enough to attach the flow and return pipes to the respective nozzles boiler heating system. The process of heating and control operation of the heating system by means of automatic control unit. Special training for staff is not required. is environmentally friendly, fire and explosion safety, work boiler eliminates the use of polluting substances (gas, coal, firewood, diesel fuel) and therefore excludes the selection of products of combustion and the collapse of the air. The probability of explosion or fire excluded. The use of modern appliances safety control eliminates uncontrolled rise in temperature and pressure in the heating system.

vtg has an automatic control system. The noise level corresponds to the level of engine noise and does not exceed 80 dB. To set the vtg Netreba soglosovanie with instpektsiey and other services, as energy is used to rotate the motor and not to heat the coolant. When correct selection of power vtg, and depending on the outdoor temperature and the appointment of a heated object while the boiler is from 6 to 8 hours per day, resulting in substantial savings electricity, and as a result, cost savings. Vortex heat does not require constant maintenance in the process, as it has no direct heating elements and does not require regular replacement parts. At short-term power outage does not require a human presence for the resumption of the boiler.