Neva Tanya

' and everybody who saw the car in which she was lying, saying that it saved the guardian angel. And Tanya for a long time could not come to church and thank you. Later still came down She believes that someone is above us. And faith helps to think about what we come from somewhere here on this earth. After so many years of creative activity to spoil the mood Tanya is not very easy.

Previously, it could be done with just one word, look. Now Tanya is trying to not pay attention. But if the mood still spoiled – there is such a tool as a cry in the pillow – and everything goes. Tatiana does not like unnatural, the star does not understand the disease – disease of the stellar work ends, because the actor disappears sensitive soul. And without this it is impossible. From an interview with T. Bulanova: 'I'm fairly secluded life, and even in our homes do not all know that live close to the actress. It always seems that when I go on the street, nobody knows me.

And when, contrary to my expectations, I suddenly did know, I strongly feel lost Almost always caught unawares. When the forehead asking: 'Is that you? "I lowered his eyes, and always hope that as a mouse and proshmygnite remain unrecognized.'' Tanya loves her hometown – St. Petersburg, its embankments, bridges, Neva said, "if the city fell in love – it is forever." But some reason you still think she lives in Moscow.