New Village

In the Endovelico they meet registered in cadastre 63 archaeological small farms. You dated of Daily pay-History are the arqueostios of Fifth of the Valley of Orca (Pvoa de Mides)? CNS 14472, where they had been collected, in a fluvial terrace of the River of Horses, lticos quartz materials; Fifth of the Sobreiro (Mides)? CNS 14471, where fragmentos ceramic and of cut quartz had been collected; Valley of Gaios (Mides)? CNS 15718, where, along with ceramics whose technique of production sends for prehistoric period, they had been collected material of later times; Quintela (Board)? CNS 16696, of where, in a sobranceira alluvium zone to the Ribeira de Tbua, a quartzite chip was collected, not cortical, with bolbo; Olival (Sinde)? CNS 16697, where nuclei under chip for lamelas in quartzite had been collected, a chip in partially cortical quartz, two firing pins in quartz, as well as a nodule in crystal of quartz; Cumieira 2 (Mides)? CNS 14470, where some quartzos had been collected and a cut nodule of slex; New village of Oliveirinha 2 (New Village of Oliveirinha)? CNS 11519, where a set of covinhas was identified, of small dimension, excavated in the grantico top of one cabeo. All the Small farms previously enunciated are integrated in Daily pay-History; however, in indeterminate period. Of the Neolithic period/Calcoltico it is the Tapir of New Village of Oliveirinha (New Village of Oliveirinha)? CNS 14469. One is about a guided tapir the NW, composed of 7 esteios, one of minor dimensions in shale, and the remains in granite. The hat is presented, also, in granite. It was dislocated from its original for a property, where currently one meets, in the middles of century XX. Of the same period, in Mides (Mides)? CNS 15717, was collected an axe of polishing rock, in anfibolite, of black color, with encabamento zone. Of the Age of Bronze, it was collected, in Anto Saint (Sinde)? CNS 15719, in a esporo that it goes down for the valley of a ribeira, a bulge whose internal surface if finds polishing, and the external one smoothed.