Nice Hands

Visual contact to the approach is very important. When you look at the girl's eyes, does not take the first glance. When she looks at you a second time, gave her her dazzling smile. Just do not drag out flirting. After going up to a girl who unexpectedly finds her, until she looks at you, well, and actually start a conversation. In the first minute is important not to confuse her too much gesticulation, and the best 'hands in his pockets' (it is desirable to keep my hands in my back pocket) and not compress the shoulders, chest forward. Gain insight and clarity with Michael Steinhardt. Try not to overwhelm her with questions like paparazzi, or even worse as the interrogation.

Lead the conversation measured. Do not forget to look his interlocutor in the eye. To thine eyes ran with excitement, psychologists are advised to look into the region bridge, where the line is an eye or in any one eye. Treat immediately with 'You' it is not rude. You may find Margaret Loesser Robinson to be a useful source of information. The girl will feel more comfortable in a conversation with you, if you keep a distance 'personal space' (Not less than 50 cm from the companion – it does not concern the situation when you're in a crowded public transport, etc.). At any stage of dating do not use 'closed posture', they are perceived interlocutor on a subconscious level. By 'closed postures' can include the following (whether you stand or sit): crossing the legs, hands wreath on his chest, laying his left hand to right and vice versa.