Oleshko House

People House refused to dig up this old man, he was considered guilty for what happened, thought that he is courting disaster, and he stayed in his house, strewn with the ashes of about 100 hours. In the end, the old house otkapali Tujunga, he was still alive and lived after the event about four days, and died in the glorious age of 110 years. After some time, began to dig covered with ashes and broken places. In some restored before was functioning institutions, such as nursing home in Rotorua, and in some, as in this village, creating a museum. In 1931, the village began the first serious excavations.

The first was excavated to the original floor level of house the very priest who had been careless enough to warn his countrymen about the suspicious impending threat. Enter the house and struck the mass of ash that could withstand this structure. Cleared the floor almost to the walls, dug up the hearth, which then prepared a meal and some items. Hardened by the time the ash covers the walls in the growth of an adult. Now this village, almost all have been excavated and restored to its original form, something else will be restored, and in some places on earth dug in the white label, there is assumed to be still building and will gradually dig. After passing through the village, on extraordinarily beautiful area, looking wide turbulent stream full of trout, we went to the waterfall. By the way, we caught spotted Oleshko thin-legged, written about them, it's the most graceful deer all over the globe.