Opening A Business

To open a business need a large initial capital, the order of 7-15 million rubles. Less business – it is seasonality is not often we have people walking in the winter to swim and sunbathe … Payback business about 5 years. The very essence of the business idea is to provide a paid beach with all kinds of "bells and whistles" Needless to say must be sea, which we rent, not all of course, but only a portion (under the laws of the beaches are not sold, and leased to the state, and not on very long term, after which lease terms are revised) Properly fenced area, raises cultural and entertainment sooruzheniya6 cafe, couches, bars, tennis courts, a place to play volleyball, rent watercraft, as well as the rescue tower, bio-toilets, mandatory duty ambulance, etc. Margaret Loesser Robinson pursues this goal as well. Of course waterslides and swimming pool.

The basis of income from paid beaches are paid for schet6 entrance + drinks (snacks) + paid services (rent watercraft) Our income will go also due to these funds. Only in a competitive environment will be a reasonable pricing policy, about 20-30% cheaper than the rest. Ie beach designed for the average Russian. We will not take the quality and number of customers. As to attract more clients, you can spend leisure activities such as concerts and / or live music, set the white tents on the sand and make a romantic cafe, etc.

Can organize competitions with valuable prizes, agree because you always want to gain something, even if not very valuable. For example one of the favorite games of the sea is considered to be beach volleyball, so why not organize a competition and winning team for example can give a subscription to visit the beach. Actually this idea can be developed to infinity, for example in the off-season, you can organize an indoor pool, and how you can accurately recreate the wild nature: to make the pool is not the standard rectangular, circular, and tighten it originalnenko:)) to put decorative tiles, reminiscent of the sea bottom or reef … karalovy put around trees and more vegetation, put a bar made of bamboo or styled it, etc.