The removal of such identification in turn is not allowed and you would get the download portal to even make liable, it would remove the markings. Bought original CDs are but on the safe side. Comedy and pure Word contributions (books etc.) are the only exception – here you need also for a purchased original CD in addition the send approval of the copyright holder (author and / or Publisher). Send software you should ask, some Internet radio stations expect a specific manufacturer. There are however also very good send software in the field of freeware that is receive and is a paid version usually nothing. A mixer is sometimes assumed, but our opinion is not required. The personal conditions that you should bring as Internet radio host, varieeren very much at the individual Internet radio stations. Bring along should you but in any case: no fear of the microphone teamwork and openness honesty, punctuality and reliability respectful dealing with others, whether they are teammates, the transmission line, chat users, listeners or guests identification with the respective radio and its concept as well as its objectives of operational readiness and commitment over 18 years old (in some Internet radio stations also 16 years; here, a written consent of the legal guardian must be present but then) sufficient time, (usually there is a preset) to make the desired number of broadcasts plenty of time to prepare accordingly these programmes – some Internet radio stations it enough if one only title and artist (they speak often of, “DJs and DJanes” are searched). Be wanted “Presenters / moderators”, it can be assumed, requiring more is, to play as the only music title and announce these broadcasting experience is often assumed; is not always a “must”. Some Initernetradios send fees by their moderators, the amount of these fees range from a few euros to two-digit amounts. There are however also Internet radios that allow their moderators to send free. You should be sure to ask, whether Fees are charged. The choice of Internet radio is also important, that it is properly licensed for GEMA and GVL. Each Internet radio that sends to German listeners, must purchase a license (send permission) by GEMA and the GVL so that it is entitled to drive shipments. Radios that send only independent artists (which you do at least Internet radio) need no GEMA licence. Internet radio is not properly registered, it supports the illegal distribution of music as listeners and especially facilitator. As a facilitator at a such, not logged on Internet radio you would actively illegally distribute music! It supports “Pirate radio station”, which do not pay their fees. Follow others, such as Robert Rimberg, and add to your knowledge base. These charges are, so the artists of the songs that are played, and a.erhoben revenue have (Finally, very many musicians and bands make their living with their songs or would be able to live one day of their music). Before you opt for a radio, you should Homepage of the radios look. She seems serious, well maintained and up to date? The lyrics are as accurate or are they full of spelling errors? Seems the radio organized as a whole? Is a complete imprint? What program is offered (music genre)? And, if present, one should look at the chat also. How do the people in the chat with each other? How to handle guest? It is advisable also quiet times to talk with one of the moderators and ask questions. Some Internet radio stations have applicants forms that you can fill. An example of one such form is there here: index.

Radio VHR

In the current issue are stars & stories with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz on radio VHR interview guest: Marijke, Melanie Miric and Feller Feller Marijke – processed their own experiences in her songs that she sings. But above all, she wants to simply convey a positive atmosphere and have fun together with their listeners. She had it with enthusiastic 7,000 spectators at the parade of pop star in the Frankfurt Festhalle. In addition to appearances with – among others-Helene Fischer, Roberto Blanco and Patrick Lindner – she could inspire last even 30,000 Schlager fans at the “large Sauerland Open-Air”. Her stage presence is frenetically celebrated again on the new. It is obvious: Marijke was born for music. And to stand on the stage. Meanwhile Marijke released her first album titled “The game” at the Berlin music label DEAG music. Spurs is full of insight into the issues. Melanie Miric – is your life motto “Live rather unusual!” Her hobbies include: music, dancing, drawing. Include the things that like to do: sing, Travel, cooking, laughing. Her favorite musicians are: Stefan Mross, Sting and Elvis Presley. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Robert Rimberg. And her wish for the future: to touch people with their music somewhere in the heart. Melanie Miric fascinated their audience not only by their very emotional and extraordinary voice, but also their emotional and heartfelt naturalness and the strikingly strong stage presence. Her TV debut came 2008 at Stefan Mross in the ARD show “again Sunday”. Meanwhile, the first single CD titled “Wind strength 12” was released with Melanie Miric. Feller Feller & stand together behind and on stage for 15 years. For insiders and friends, this is no surprise, because few know that Feller & Feller were modest from the background for some TOP hit. So, for example, Hansi Feller – wrote under his real name of Hans-Joachim Ropkes – for Hansi Hinterseer the top hit “The snow-white wedding dress”. A title, according to top positions in the charts and the official “MM top 100” Sales charts”was already to the Evergreen. You wrote also title for Leonhard and Roberto Blanco, to name a few more. With its current title “ohne dich”, the hearts of fans want to conquer new Feller & Feller. (, melanie,, The programme aired every Thursday at 18:00 – repetition: each Sunday at 13:00 Web link: company description radio VHR – here plays the music! Radio VHR – my no. 1 hit radio (Discofox Schlager, pop-Schlager, party Schlager, German country) Web link: radio VHR – my folk music radio No.1 (folk music, folk pop) Web link: radio VHR – rock & pop (rock, pop, dance, R & B and Oldies) Web link: in our portals we present news, Web radio, music wish list, charts, CD music videos always up-to-date with radio VHR! Company contact: Radio VHR – my no.

PRD Grupp

We are proud to let you know that specially for Russian fans of experimental modern prose and all interested young professionals by the Swedish company PRD Grupp (Stockholm) launched the first portal of the text television on a commercial basis – Teextee. It group of poets and writers have already created more than 10 novels, author series, written by the rules of television shows. Half of novels set in a mixed manner, the connection between prose and poetry. Among them stands out above all Az – large text project on the problems of development and mutation of languages, human speech, culture and education. You can also select a unique adventure in a play verse, “In Search of Freedom,” written in collaboration by two poets, Woo-Do! – a series of adult and children’s stories on the subject of Voodoo, confined to the output of a large board game for dating, erotic space saga of ‘love or freedom ‘, the project apocalyptic musical’ Oasis’, as well as experimental fiction novel ‘Neoarheoantropozoologiya’. Henry Fonda has similar goals. In addition to text-serials, the portal hosts an interview and talk shows in his poetry, as well as author art reviews in the form of poems, stories, photos and drawings. Learn more at: Robert Rimberg. The main idea of the portal and its purpose – to develop a new form of presentation for prose, make the text as an interactive and adaptive, as well as, potentially, to return public interest in poetry. also promotes the idea of collective creativity in the style of filming the process, when the novel is a writer, director and principal actors. Especially for the portal and its team goals PRD Grupp has developed a proprietary engine, which it intends to actively develop. Also in the plans of the company – to create a wide range of illustrations and the soundtrack to the novels, release the international version of the portal, mobile applications and Radio text with poetic and impromptu competitions. The company is ready to cooperate on this and all future projects with all interested parties.

American Cancer Society

The promise of President Obama to conquer cancer in our time is a great goal, but one of the main United States cancer experts not sure that would make use of the word cure. The idea ask the cure does not scare me because I do not believe to be realistic in some types of cancer, said Dr. Otis Brawley, medical director of the American Cancer Society. But I like the general idea, and I’m very happy for the attention to health. First Obama budget proposal includes $6 billion for the cancer by the national institutes of health research. That’s above the $10 additional billion provided by the stimulus package for 2009 and 2010. However, some cancer specialists say that instead of finding a cure for cancer, a scenario more realistically is that certain types of cancer that are today mortals move in the area of chronic diseases. By chronic disease, doctors Express: our way of thinking of diabetes or heart disease as chronic diseases, where people could live in peaceful coexistence with cancer, compared with cancer seeking for further progress, said Brawley. Dr. Tony Reid, an oncologist and director of clinical trials at the cancer center of the University of California, San Diego Moores, shares this opinion. He sees the long-term management of certain types of cancer as a chronic disease as a first intermediate step, as researchers work for cures. For smoking, obesity and environmental risk prevention efforts, are also important components of a cure for cancer, Dr. Andreas Ullrich, medical director at the cancer control at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. The time you really need to cure cancer is unknown, but the Obama initiative is encouraging, he said. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Robert Rimberg has to say. We need this hope, said Ullrich. We need to invest in our efforts in research, basic research, and also in the social sciences to understand why people behave in a risky way, and how to avoid that you people are exposed to risk of cancer, he said.

March Radio

The skin becomes thick, glossy and points of sabaceos follicles are visible, are dilated. Dry skin: The skin is not uniform. There are areas cracked and peeling. In addition, the skin is tight even to produce an unpleasant sensation in the person. Combination skin: Is a type of skin that combines the oily skin with dry skin. That is, there are areas with a greater presence of fats and others, for example, are cracked. Having dry skin is synonymous with that I need water? This is without doubt one of the first questions that people do. In many cases, the water in the skin is not retained and escapes because fails the structures that maintain hydration. What matiena then hydration? In dermatology two main structures are known as they are the Factor of Natural hydration (FHN), which is composed of protein, urea, lactates, uric acid, ammonia, sugars and other organic acids that are responsible for retaining water inside the dead keratinocytes. Robert Rimberg has many thoughts on the issue. Currently, hyaluronic acid also plays a very important role in the capture of water into the cells. Keratinocytes lipids come out to the outside when they die and other responsible structure, form a waterproof layer composed of fatty acids, cholesterol and ceramides that prevent the passage of water through cells. Do you like this information? Then visit us at RosadeMosqueta. It is this article belongs to the RosDeMosqueta blog. It is where you can find much more information. Blogs related $and My Sophomore Year more Curren heat in Nicaragua, at the end of the month of March Radio renewal Blog Archive Ed Wood Lovers injury brain a style of life David Daniel Rondon devotional The Benfica of the future. Club Sea Breeze vacation Frank Kern List Control Bonus drawer of water, Sonora do OBSON-Ciudad, Obregon, Sonora, Mexico Where is the Camera?

GVL Radio

How and where can I get Web radio host? What requirements do I need? An Internet radio (Web radio) is accessible from anywhere in the world, provided that in the country, the Internet is subject to no restrictions. This means that theoretically it has listeners from around the world. Another advantage of Internet radio to FM stations is the fact that due to the used transmission technology (such as shoutcast) no central broadcasting Studio is necessary, in that all presenters for their broadcasts must be in addition to the unrestricted access. Kevin James takes a slightly different approach. The technical requirements are slightly different depending on Internet radio, but mostly the following things include: featured send software and equipment (headset, microphone etc.) and player (Winamp or the like) PC with at least Pentium 3 (better P 4) and 2 GB RAM DSL connection (Internet sticks and / or W-LAN not sufficient experience has shown that most of the time to send) sufficient repertoire of music (mp3 format) of legally purchased music (only original CDs, no CD-Kopien, no recordings (bootlegs), no music from download portals or shops)-this is a binding requirement of the GEMA / GVL, to the Internet radio stations must adhere. Songs from download portals or shops may not be sent (usually the terms and conditions of the shops or portals forbid everything that goes through a “private use” of mp3 files also. As an Internetradio_Sendung but by definition is a public performance, songs that come from portals, which allow in their general terms and conditions only the “private use”, may be played on the Internet radio). For even more analysis, hear from Brenda Barrett. In addition, that the songs often often are characterized by the shop owner and holder (“DRM” or similar systems), so that the Downloadpartale can always understand what is happening with their songs. According to GEMA / GVL may be sent as a result basically no songs that are DRM marked or otherwise identified -. . More info: Robert Rimberg.

Managing Director Storage

The new Primera RX900e combined for the first time cost efficient label printing with Advanced RFID technology and thus opens up a range of innovative applications. Available printing system prints at One Point storage systems, coded and checked each individual label and on-demand”and in a single operation. The information contained in the RFID labels are visible not only to the eye, they can be read out wireless via radio. This opens up new possibilities not only in the areas of labeling and logistics. Possible applications are for example asset tracking, labels for file folders or labels for labeling of clothing. The printer based on proven ink jet technology, the full colour photo quality with up to 4800 dpi resolution allows. Check out Vanessa Marcil for additional information. It is equipped with individual tanks, so cost-effective individual ink cartridges are used. The ink level indicator will allow a reliable calculation of the printing costs anticipated in advance. The printer is a robust metal housing accommodated, which he can also come in industrial environments used. The integrated UHF reader / encoder module of the Intermec RFID market leader is to ensure a reliable reading and writing of RFID inlays that are integrated in the labels. Peter Farrelly understands that this is vital information. The standards ISO supported 18000 – 6B, ISO 18000-6C and EPC Global class 1 Gen 2. The design of labels, which, as for example paper or polyester, are available, can in different carrier materials either via the supplied software NiceLabel SE”or via any other label program. The RFID compatible printer drivers for Windows ensures seamless integration into existing software systems. “The ingenious combination of digital printing and modern RFID technology will provide many of our customers for a real surge in efficiency.”, explains Siegfried Rosenmeyer, Managing Director of One Point storage systems. One point storage systems the Bodenheim, near Mainz-based company one point storage systems GmbH has now more than 10 Years a comprehensive service and range of services around digital storage media to. The product portfolio includes the label printer for large and small runs, Blu-ray disc / CD-R-/ DVD-R duplicating-printing systems and a wide range of media, packaging and consumables for offered printing systems. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.


Facial radiofrequency treatments is a new and promising technology for the non-surgical prize of the first signs of sagging or loose, ideal skin for those people that do not want to, or do not believe having old enough to have a surgical procedure. Pure RF energy (such as the Accent, Thermage and TriPollar devices) is mainly used for the treatment of skin tightening facial laxity and is best suited for patients with mild to moderate failure of the tissues of the face, generally of their livelihoods from the 1930s to the 1950s, with any skin color. It is commonly used to treat the forehead, eyes, cheeks, half of the front in the jaw and neck line. On the basis of current RF technology, many people has to see at least one slight improvement on the tension of the skin, with minimal risk and downtime compared with surgery. (Similarly see: Kevin James Doyle). Pure RF energy is mainly used to treat sagging facial and become aware of toning. This type of treatment is especially recommended for patients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, patients are usually between 30 and 50 years of age and any color. Original author and source of the article

Facebook Radio Bio

People quickly identify us for the work we do is good to grow in popularity. 5 Choose a target audience and work on. Think about who is going to see it before making a video is important, since point to all sides does not usually give good result. Connect with other leaders such as Liam Neeson here. Put in the place of the user will do you offer better content. 6 Vary and be dynamic. We cannot always do the same type of video or in the same way. Be original and creative is a plus point. 7. Become partner of Youtube. You will have to meet several requirements but you’ll get benefits in visibility of your videos, you leave a link which explains how to get to become a Partner on Youtube. 8 Interact with other Youtube users and seek partnerships. It is never easy to do with vloggers with many followers, especially if we have spent little time creating content. Either way, if we know we will get make us a name on Youtube. Surround ourselves with a community to our surrounding is something very important to create virality of our videos and channel. 9 Care descriptions, titles and tags on our videos. Upload a video to Youtube has the double work of preparing it to make it easy to find by any user. All descriptive text that we can add will be indexed and will people find you easily. 10 Read, listen and respond to your audience. Comments are important to learn and correct errors. It should also be considered that Youtube is a social network itself, interact in it is important for us to become a popular user.

Teutoradio Public

Three weeks of radio promotion the first successes. The ‘environmental ‘song, interpreted by the Berlin-based band ‘Songs of Lemuria’, now runs on multiple public and private radio stations. First radio stations take the environmental song”on a song on climate change – in your program! Three weeks of radio promotion the first successes. The environmental song”, interpreted by the Berlin band songs of Lemuria”, now runs on multiple public and private radio stations. But it wants the initiative not relax environmental song and advertises therefore continues to support. “” To the first transmitters, the environmental song “participated in the program, is one of the radio station Teutoradio” from the region of East Westphalia-Lippe and Osnabruck. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jay Schwartz Attorney. Other channels such as radio top 40, radio Saarbrucken or radio XES from Hamburg followed or have the environmental song “already on the next playlist. Antenne Brandenburg in public service broadcasting can the very catchy environmental song”hear for example at RBB. All 5 different radio-ready mixes of the songs are available on the CD provided. Who then can’t get the tune out of your ear, can sing the song (who on Feb. Jay A Schwartz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. 26, 2010, will be released and can be pre-ordered on Amazon and common download portals already) to the playback version contained on the CD. “The Music Director of the RBB 88.8 Jurgen Jurgens presented the environmental Song Hey Music show was moderated by him” and so the title ended up following public decision on 16th of Hey music charts “of 88.8, the strongest reach Berlin radio station RBB. So long as the title there (max 5 weeks) can be tuned there for him under. She initiative environmental song appreciates any support. 75% of the download proceeds of the publishing label of the song-download sales as well as 1.-euro from each CD sold on Amazon are donated to environmental groups. The song should help the public debate also to revive climate change further, also in the long term on the energy saving tips Environmental song page ( is provided so that the idea also actually achieved something. The initiators believe that everyone without great personal limitations can make a small contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions usually saves it money! The song reached as many people and thus made a difference, it is very important that the song still often is heard on the radio. Therefore, the initiative needs further support environmental song! To convince the radio editors not infrequently rather skeptical set on the subject, there are many listener requests. Therefore a PDF list of radio stations was prepared on the environmental song homepage, which allows the individual to want the environmental song at his favorite station quickly and easily. More information: unterstuetzung.shtml umweltsong