Pakistan Restaurant

Eat a healthy diet and positive thinking on 27 December 2009, a very special restaurant opened in Dresden: the chicory. Owned by Ursula and Christian Gruhl realized their dream of the full-value restaurant at the age of 80. There meatless and balanced menus, where the optimum ratio between the acid and basic is aimed at, waiting for their guests. The nutrition concept has the goal of a healthy metabolism and to reduce according to Christian Gruhl the risk of a heart attack, that the cause is usually an acidification. The news portal explains the Gruhl’schen diet principles. First of all, the emotional balance of a healthy diet plays an important role.

A positive mindset is the restaurant owner Christian Gruhl according to condition for a balanced diet. In addition, the hosts avoid making sour dishes, because they lead to the thickening of the tissue fluid. Instead, full menus from whole grains and natural vegetables and fruits stand up in chicory the a la carte menu. The water, which is used in the Dresden wholefood restaurant, flows through a reverse osmosis in the basement of the House. This is both free of harmful substances and mineral nutrient-poor and has a purifying effect. The liquid is also enlivened by Amethyst, Rose Quartz and rock crystal. Also the salt, which is in the restaurant on the tables is beneficial.

The lauded often as “Himalayan salt” salt from Pakistan consists of 84 elements, which corresponds to the number in the human body. As the editorial society reported, spelt-based foods, organic fruit and vegetables, as well as a salad dressing consisting of whey are available in the Dresden restaurant still.