Party Nights

30 degrees, beach weather, and finally the perfect opportunity for endless party nights. The online jeweler livings has the designers of Ayala bar and DYRBERG/Kern the matching accessories for an unforgettable summer in the range. Summer is finally here and with it his time out to spend many great opportunities. Whether on the beach, bathing lake, in the beer garden or you need parks concerning the outfit not much this time of year. Basics get the right style, with some trendy accessories and trendy jewelry.

You can take it quietly or fluorescent bevorzugen-are set no limits the different styles this summer. Sun on the skin promises also the Israeli designer Ayala bar. Special handicrafts the known Israeli designer has the fascinating ability to combine unusual materials and colors to an Oriental sense intoxication from 1001 night. Delicate beads, brilliant glass crystals and fine fabrics are processed in the atelier of Ayala bar to unique jewelry pieces. Which is as colourful as a great party night fantastic bracelets of Designerin-in shades of red and orange, with bright colorful accents and subtle silver combined convinced the jewelry line. Let’s get the party started with the sparkling accessories by DYRBERG/Kern! Ensure the eye-catcher at any party. DYRBERG/Kern stands for exceptional, modern jewelry made of high-quality materials and a clear trend-based design. The use of exclusive items such as semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals embodies modern luxury. So also the Red necklace Toinet “-transparent shimmering beads and shiny gold elements become the hit of the party!” Ayala bar and DYRBERG/Kern have created wonderfully light jewelry for this summer! Colorful like a great party night – livings has the diverse mix of colors and styles in the range.