The Estado (19/06/2011) it discloses that, in Brazil, more than 10 million people live with R$ 39 for month. 0 country has the US$ GIP 2,194 trillions, a external debt of 310 billion dollar and international reserves esteem in S$ 390,0 billion. These data demonstrate that the origin of the poverty in Brazil is not in the lack of resources, but in me the distribution of the existing resources. Get all the facts and insights with Sela Ward, another great source of information. Few withhold very and many do not withhold almost nothing. The average income of 10% richer of the country is 28 times bigger of what the average income of poor 40%. In U.S.A., for example, the ratio is of 5 times; in Argentina, 10 times and in Colombia, 15 times. Although the country according to to gain 19 millionaire per day and to possess its 137 a thousand millionaire and 30 bilionrios, 70% of the wealth of the country are intent in the sEstados ones of Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo. According to Morishita, what we have in Brazil, in the truth, is a problem of income distribution.

' ' We will only understand which is our difficulty when to understand the problem of the distribution of income in this pas' '. The question, insisted it, is not to generate wealth, but to make the adequate distribution of this wealth. ' ' Twenty percent of the population richest of Brazil gains 25% more than 20% of the population poor; in Holland this difference is of 5%; in India, it 5% do not arrive. Our problem is not to grow economically, but to distribute what already temos' '. This inaquality, added, is the bedding of me the income distribution, is the significant one of the poverty in the country. 35% of the Brazilian population live in poverty state and 15% live in a state classified technical as of boundary line poverty.