Peter Capusotto

What used to be a guaranteed success, Showmatch was the return to the chapters of humor, as great a brother-in-law, coupled with the return of funny comedians who accompanied Marcelo Tinelli in its beginnings as a driver. Sally Rooney has much to offer in this field. The program resumed his cycle had in the Decade of the 90s and dynamics that left unfortunately in 2006, when the mediocre dance contests took a clean sweep the attention of viewers. On its debut night, ShowMatch received about 30 rating points that gave the end of the chapter of brave, a number that was increasing with the passage of minutes and had moments of 47 points, a figure more than substantial for the small screen. The debut ended with an average of 41.5 points, one of the best brands of 2009; Thus Tinelli and his show were the precious gift of having had the highest rating of the Argentine television debut in the last five years. It is clear then that, note that the idolized Guillermo Lopez made to Susana Gimenez in the front yard of the House, not He reached the audience needed to beat their competition. In addition to the CQC program, also suffered: cornice (by America, 1.8 points), nine film (Canal 9,1.8 points) and Peter Capusotto and their refried (Channel 7, 0.9 points). It is clear thus that Marcelo Tinelli returned to television and swept with the rating. It was expected then that the score of Caiga Caiga who come down also quite, reaching only averaging 11.3 points on Monday last, the rating lowest since it airs on Telefe. The program that Ernestina Pais leads now is the great injured with the return of ShowMatch. While the driver made his defence by saying that he felt betrayed by Tinelli wanting to wipe out the rating in the timeslot, he clarified that he already knew that this was going to happen when the cycle of Channel 13 began.