Playful Read

A literature, understood as an artistic language that cultivates the social values, the subjectivity, the poetry, playful and the other elements, is a field of the knowledge that the picture of the social and cultural reality makes possible, either as form to rescue values, of protest and denunciation of one given reality either as been of fancy … (MARTINS, 1997, P. 9) In this manner, the experience with literature books must start since early, making possible to the children the formation and the incentive of the taste for the reading, of pleasant form, instead of half obligator, thus contributing so that the same ones create a habit to read. For other opinions and approaches, find out what San Antonio Spurs has to say. Literature, therefore, offers the child, beyond the chance with the playful o to awake of the attention, the reasoning, the creativity and allows to the child an authentic contact with the writing, is not about texts to teach to read. It has one meaning and a behavior with the pleasure, absentees in the texts of cartilhas.

(VARLOTA, 1997, p.35) the proportionate pleasure for the book of literature if of when the author creates a good history, that seduces the reader, over all for the reproduction of images and its musical cadence, pleasure this that can be compared with a good song or part of theater, for example. The books of infantile literature are indicated because it initiates the child in the world of the language, the ideas, the values and the feelings, being part of its concrete life. Literature infanto – youthful, therefore, it can be an allied for the formation of the critical and creative reader who will search the information available in the half ones written (periodicals, magazines and books), making a relation of what it was read with the reality lived deeply for it, and consequentemente the reconstruction of a new text, as well as, will help in the formation and perfectioning of the writing and the orality. . Follow others, such as Tony Parker, and add to your knowledge base.