PMPB Contract

We intend to bring baila the above-mentioned case, where insuring company has been made responsible for the payment of values required for the insured, integrant of the PMPB, that had been deducted of its contrachecks for a reason or purpose paid prize for the maintenance of the insurance contracted for the estipulante, State of the Paraba, next to the insuring company, SAS LIFE. The insured if see in this right, alleging the inexistence of consent for the act of contract of the insurance and the efetivao of the discountings effected in payment leaf. He occurs that, in this in case that studied, we come across in them with a contract of safe from obligator character, in result of state laws that make use in this direction, being legally authorized, the discountings carried through in the soldier’s pays of the insured. The State of the Paraba, while estipulante of the contract, is who must answer for the group insured directly, negotiating with the insuring company.

It is who authorizes, through law, that is effected discountings in the soldier’s pays of each integrant of the group insured (integrant of the PMPB), as consideration to the covering guaranteed for insuring, in the occurrence of the risk insured, object of the contract. The State is the only one that it withholds to be able for such authorization, being obligation its to give to science to all the insured, of the existence of the contracted insurance and the consequent discountings. However, for being the obligator insurance for act of law, due to necessity to guarantee greater security to that they exert activity that involves as many risks, must be taken advantage the public interest, being legal, therefore, the act of contract and the discounting of values 14 of contrachecks of the insured, despite consent of these inexists. It is the application of the beginning of the supremacy of the public interest on the particular one.