Practical Stories Yoga Meditation

Assume that you have read my previous articles for those wishing to start practicing yoga. Perhaps you've read a lot of things on the same topic. Pero mi saludo only to those who started it. What's the use to read and dream about how things will be fine. The world he is here and Now. So I waited long enough to continue the series of articles. I believe that anyone who wants happiness, love and harmony, success in business and love, have already started training.

Not yet? Then more talk today, but the last time. This naturally. After all, your mind has power over you. He kept something stirs. To understand what is actually yoga learn to keep quiet in his head.

Do not sing, not talk, do not listen to music (TV generally advised to carry trash), not Think. Here then start basic difficulty. You can not allow the mind to use us, learn to use it for other purposes. Do not you understand? Make no mistake! For example, your mind is constantly thinking: how to earn more, which make more about how to find customers where to find clients? Now if you could enter into a state of meditation, that can easily get the answer to these your questions. But first we must learn to meditate. Simply put, to enter the state without thought. If someone needs definition, meditation – is a direct appeal to intuition, in a continuous stream of consciousness. Most often, your "thoughts" – it logically unordered stream of thoughts. So meditation – is make the process clear focus. For example, want more money – do the meditation on the money. Want more customers – to do this meditation. And so on. Next thing for you: practice my friends. Often, we turn to some sort of deal with enthusiasm, and lack of training and lack of knowledge of the basics makes fascinating lesson in torture. Here are some tips that will help you fill up your list of "hobbies" yoga. Today, at every "corner" can be seen Ads such as "Seminar on yoga." Some places promise "enlightenment" for 3-4 months. Remember – this is impossible. If you decide to spend their time and money, find an honest teacher. If he is a professional, no: – promise you instant results – not to say that you are not able to, but will require serious about their studies. him your important result. It will pay attention to detail. Another point, not everyone can be a yogi teacher. More suitable for beginners is not the highest guru. He was more likely to be messing with you, explaining elementary things. It is not necessary to swing on her hand after classes have some ". Try another teacher at another school. Hire a private consultant for the start (sounds interesting: coaching in yoga). Classes require you time, effort and diligence. Success is possible only if you deal with regularly – both in the classroom and at home. But in return (in the first stage of training 1-2 years) you will learn to feel your body, love it and have them feel the harmony in ourselves and the world.