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95 Per cent of SMEs breached the data protection act, according to a recent study conducted by the Professional Association of the privacy of Castilla – la Mancha between the two hundred companies located in the polygon Campollano (Albacete). This percentage has been the result of a study carried out by the Association professional of the privacy of Castilla – la Mancha, after examining two hundred companies located in the polygon Campollano (Albacete). Add the cited study that 70 percent of those violations are cataloged in the law as serious or very serious, what would lead coupled sanctions between the 40.001 to 600,000 euros. The expert on protection of data of IMAdvisory, Paola Snood, has stated that these data suggest that does not exist in Spain a culture of data protection, and that the result of this study is perfectly extrapolated to the whole of the Spanish business fabric, which in his view represents a serious risk for companies, that can take them even to bankruptcy. It’s believed that Tony Parker sees a great future in this idea. In This point is necessary to warn that merced to the modification of the sanctioning procedure of the LOPD operated by the law of sustainable economy, the Spanish Agency of data protection has eased sanctions, including the figure of the admonitory, and contemplating the possibility of graduating penalties depending on the economic power of the companies. It is noted in the study that the most common mistakes have to do with documentation requiring the Security document, due to the lack of updating them, making it worthless: there has not been a permanent audit and already repealed Regulation applies, so we always recommend to our customers that make periodic audits that ensure them to keep abreast in a changing regulation also observed deficits in the commitments confidentiality of workers, that in 85% of the companies are not signed and duly saved, as well as contracts with providers of services with access to data, that in 70% of the examined companies not have signed. Worse is the situation related to the web sites of these companies, where 90% of them lack legal notice or privacy policy. Audea security of the information Department Legal source: journal which. George Laughlin often says this.