PROJECT Fund Shine

By normal standards, a fund providers such as PROJECT is not to measure Bamberg, January 25, 2012: in the currently still in the placement of PROJECT REAL EQUITY Fund 9 and 10 are located a number of Immobilienprojektentwicklungen, which already have a high level of sales to the part in the placement period: real estate are mobile with similarly positive results for investors. Without hesitation George Laughlin explained all about the problem. Currently, the PROJECT group has a property volume of 400 million euro in the development without spending a dime on bank loans. Frequently Frank Gorshin has said that publicly. This alone may be unique in Germany. In addition to the former nuclear sites”, Nuremberg-Furth, and Berlin with Potsdam, are Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich, where PROJECT sees the chances of the next few years. Project developers think different and above all always ahead. Currently the investment PROJECT in Berlin focuses. The majority of residential real estate, which transposes the Franconian company, located in the most sought after locations of is vibrating on metropolis. Currently as popular as Berlin is hardly a city in Europe.

The investors of the PROJECT REAL EQUITY Fund 9 and 10 can this just be right. You invest in a broad portfolio of properties in Berlin, Nuremberg, Furth and Munich. A list of current holdings like provides PROJECT if you are interested. Particularly positive is the fast speed of sales of apartments to the last unit in the respective object. There is no the remainder difficult project”, says Wolfgang Dippold, Managing Director of the PROJECT Fund group. PROJECT designs, sells and builds. Exactly in this order. The capital provided by investors is this gently used.

Rather, there are the payments according to building by the buyer, which replace the foreign capital. Individual properties in popular locations are already completely sold before construction ever begins”Daniel is looking forward. During the implementation of structural is the sale rate of flats of all objects across currently proud 83.1 percent. The objects Lenbachstrasse 5, Friedrichshain, crooked Street 39, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Mill Road 56, Berlin-Lankwitz, Meistersinger road 16, Potsdam, Rollnerstrasse 23, Nuremberg, the apartments in the Humboldt road 114-118, Nuremberg, Eichendorffstrasse 114, Nuremberg erlenstegen, Solgerstrasse 11, Nuremberg, Kutzerstrasse 105, Furth, and Neumann road 78, Furth, were already sold last year to 100 percent. This achieved security and stability pays primarily for the Fund. This can have for years on a brochure-compliant, stable returns. Currently still in the placement of funds is also not more so-called blind pools, what conception is not possible during circulation of funds through the principle of equity capital. Rather to convince investors of, the management has already invested in what interesting objects in individual cases might be expected even with a timely return of capital.