‘Progress’ is a warning. Be vigilant, my friends. Recently to develop a new website design to me asked the customer. We talked to him nicely and it was found that, despite the fact that he regularly paid companies ‘promotion’, it by no means fulfill their obyazatelstv.V Yandex I found only about 220 backlinks to the site, and . The treaty was signed a year ago. I was curious, what’s the deal here.

First, it became ridiculous. Then sad. My client just got divorced. Climb on the internet, looked at information about this office. Came across several articles written by deceived people. Then he went to the site.

Everything seems to mean divorce bodes. But then my eyes came across an interesting banner ala ‘We are preparing for certification to iso 9001:2000 quality management’. Here in my head something pricked. Figures do not include those. Decided to check – feeling did not disappoint. The figures are quite different. iso 9000:2001. Next started laughing. In the ‘portfolio’ – the screenshots of some websites rrazmerom 170×70 without reference. Funny words “it is only 5% of our work.” I wept. Any certificates from Microsoft and so on. Picture of sad. But even the most delighted the scheme works with customers any way with me shared my client. He neschatny who come to the ‘Promotion’ gets 3 month “website promotion” for 15.000 rubles per month and if the result is not achieved, the manager offers achieve it for free for another 3 months, but the signing of acts. Naturally, to achieve the promised performance is not happening. Acts deceived people signed, from a legal point of view and everything seems to be clean:) What else interesting – a company operating in Moscow, was registered in St. Petersburg. Check out Jessica Michibata for additional information. Accordingly, in the event of a conflict must address in Saint-Petersburg Arbitration Court. The calculation is that the Muscovites, the contact will not be back and the money demand will not want to. Scheme is gay. My client – a lawyer, so all the documents he signed, and prepares documents for the court. But for those who do not want to become a victim of such scams, my advice – all carefully checked. Put in Internet can be any information. Be as careful and check everything – and divorce everywhere. Good luck:).