Public Services

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Transportation of electric power throughout the national territory covered by the company Red Electrica de Espana. At Robert Rimberg you will find additional information. the best song, Halo, by The distribution of electricity in Leon performed “Endesa-distribution,” the group Endesa. The total consumption of electricity during the second quarter of 2008 was 615,149 MWh, 203,427 MWh of which were for domestic consumption.
Leon and his province was supplying petroleum fuels (petrol and diesel) from the storage facilities that Hydrocarbon Logistics Company (HLC) has in the town of Vega Infanzones near Leon.
Natural Gas
The natural gas consumed in Leon comes, as in most of Spain, mainly from Algeria. Is carried by a core network of high pressure responsible for Enagas, from which is distributed to homes and industrial facilities by Gas Natural Castilla y Leon.
Building Regional Authority of Energy (EREN).
The Regional Energy Authority is a public agency under the Ministry of Economy and Employment of Castile and Leon, established on December 3, 1996, their functions are to advise on energy companies the autonomous community of Castilla y Leon, promoting grants to improve energy efficiency in industry and government.
Its headquarters are located in an avant-garde building in the neighborhood of Eras of Renews, in front of and beside the MUSAC Tanatorio of SERFUNLE. It is the seat of the regional organization that is dedicated to energy planning in the autonomy and support for decisions in the energy field with the completion of feasibility studies and economic impact of those decisions. EREN work in 21 square meters of thermal panels and photovoltaic 5 KWh, energy car building.
Classroom Interpretacion Renewable Energies
The Hall of Interpretacion Energias Renovables de Leon, part of the Municipality of Leon, is a class designed to teach visitors to the alternative and complementary solutions that provide renewable energy to the current energy system, claiming that being a point aspect in the autonomous community of Castilla y Leon.
It is a building situated on the banks of the river Bernesga near the Bridge of Lions, built following an agreement reached by the ENRD and the City of Leon. The Classroom has an exhibition space on the environment and has installed a solar thermal, solar photovoltaic installation and a small hydro. The electricity generated by these last three features to the grid for later use, being able to give birth to 1,100 families.
Drinking water
The water supply is done by the entity Leon Aguas de Leon. Previously, water was taken from the Moon and Torio rivers and five holes made in the area Bernesga-Thorium, but due to frequent summer restrictions, the decision was made to drink water Porma River, downstream of the dam Juan Benet. It is located in the north of the province, in the town of Bonar, with a capacity of 317 HMA .
Upon arriving in Leon, the leading ends in the water treatment station of Drinking Water (ETAP), which is located in the town of Villavante. For its part, the purification of waste water is carried out in the treatment plant wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), located next to the river Bernesga in the locality of the Trobajo Cerecedo. This station serves the Association for Municipal Sanitation Integral de Leon and his Alfoz (SALEAL) (composed of the municipalities of Leon, of San Andres Rabanedo, Villaquilambre, Santovenia of Valdoncina and Sariego), which owns Public Service treatment and sewage treatment.
Waste and cleaning
Urbaser is the company responsible for managing municipal solid waste and cleaning of public roads in Leon. Among other services, the city has a separate collection of waste, clean two fixed points, a clean and mobile collection service door to door.
Leon belongs to the Provincial Waste Consortium (GERSUL), which manages the waste generated throughout the province through its three treatment plants and a classification of the Waste Treatment Center (RTC), located in San Roman de la Vega, in San Justo de la Vega.
Responsible for the supply of the city is the entity Markets Leon Supply Centers (Mercaleon). Was established December 29, 1989 as a result of the collaboration of the Municipality of Leon and the SA