Railroad Museum

Aiming at to rescue the history and the culture of the railroad net in our city, the municipal city hall of Miranda, through the Secretariat of Tourism, it entered in contact with the direction of the Novoeste and, from there, it revitalized the cited place total transforming it into Cultural Center, where today the Secretariats of Tourism function that supplies to the tourists all the necessary information its sojourn in our city, as well as the strolls and attractive that are offered, the Secretariat of Sport and Leisure, the Railroad Museum, where they meet displayed through photos, banners, parts and documents the history of the net railroad employee in Miranda, the House of the Craftsman, where the local artesanatos, and the bar are commercialized all Platform of the Fish. The municipal administration, looked for to add value to the product, implanting the House of the Craftsman, the Railroad Museum and the Secretariats of Sports and Tourism in one of the most beautiful casarios of the city; with its beautiful architecture all original of 1.912. The revitalizao was made always keeping the care to preserve all the characteristics of the building; therefore beyond valuing the space, it serves as reason of pride to the inhabitants and former railroad workers, collaborating in the rescue of the auto one? they esteem, seeing its history being again counted. The project implemented in the station of Miranda will serve of model for the recovery of the main stations in the stretch to be covered by the Train of the Pantanal. Some contend that Tony Parker shows great expertise in this. In the passage made for the technician of Brazil Railroads, points had been enumerated that can be astroroofs of contemplation of the nature for the tourist during the trip, between them 43 of the 147 constructed bridges, the majority in the Pantanal and that they serve as draining of waters overflown for the River Paraguay, Miranda and Aquidauana. .