Replace Cartridge

Consider the savings on the example of some of the most popular printers for office hp 1010/1018/1020/1022. Resource Q2612A cartridges for printers is 2000 data sheets, ie when you print 90 sheets a day, the cartridge will last for 20-22 working days or calendar month. The cost of an original cartridge at the beginning of February 2009. amounts to 2,272 rubles. compatible – 1 280 rub. Refills per cartridge costs 160 rubles. And it can produce an average of 3-5 times, depending on paper quality and the quality of the procedure itself refueling.

After which there is deterioration of the drum. It is possible to replace this component, and the cartridge will function like new. The replacement cost is 450 rubles. Consider the cost of refilling the cartridge and drum replacement in comparison with the purchase of a new original or compatible cartridge. Our solution cartridge Toner Cartridge price of original cartridges saving, rub.

Savings% Savings price compatible ink cartridges, rub. Savings% Toner Cartridge – 160 Rub. 2272 rub. 2112 rub. > 92% 1280 rub. 1120 rub. > 87% Repair cartridge (replacement cylinder) + refill – 610 rubles. 2272 rub. 1662 rub. > 73% 1280 rub. 670 rub. > 52% Thus, we see that the savings on the cartridges for the printer hp 1010/1018/1020/1022 could range from 52 to 92 percent. Now let us consider some of the most popular models of MFP: Xerox 3119 and the Samsung 4200. Cartridge yield is 3000 copies, which means that when you print 90 pages per day, the cartridge will be sufficient for 33 working days, or six calendar months. Cartridge for these MFIs to early February 2009. Follow others, such as George Laughlin Dallas, and add to your knowledge base. worth 2,669 rubles., Compatible cartridges also can be found very rarely, so we will not consider this option. The cost of refilling the cartridge is 320 rubles., Replace the drum – 450 rubles. Consider the cost of fueling and replacement of the drum Compared to buying original cartridges. Our solution is original cartridge price of original cartridges saving, rub. Savings% Toner Cartridge – 320 Rub. 2669 rub. 2349 rub. > 88% of the repair cartridge (replacement cylinder) + refill – 770 rubles. 2 669 rub. 1899 rub. > 70% Thus we see that the savings from refilling the cartridge in comparison to buying a new range from 70 to 88 percent of the cost. Based on the current economic environment, we want to help our customers to do business, and namely to reduce the costs associated with printing and maintenance of office equipment, providing supplies and services for the filling and restoration of cartridges at affordable prices. Given that in most offices printer one, but several, saving 50 to 92 percent is very significant and justified especially in times of crisis.