Romans Birth

The world exists as an arrest without walls or gratings where the humanity inhabits with distrust of its action, at any given time of our existence the first groups that if they had formed had had the necessity of cultuar deities, can cite a gigantic gamma of beings and myths that our ancestral ones had created to explain routine events as the sunrise, storms the birth or the death of people, inevitably could cite the phrase celebrates of the writer and Brazilian tracer Millor Fernandes that says: ' ' When the first espertalho found the first imbecile, was born first deus' ' , of this birth that it meant and it means today until survival necessity and nothing more Millor Fernandes forgot to add that deuses was born also the religion to cultuar such. Richard Dawkins (2007) leaves clearly in its texts that clarify to the world the fallacy that is propagated by the religious institutions: The devora religion resources, to the times in massive scale. A medieval cathedral was capable to consume one hundred centrias of men in its construction, and she was never used as habitation, or for any declared useful intention. It was not a species of pavo tail architectural? If yes, that it was the target of the propaganda? The religious music sacra and pictures had monopolized the medieval and renascentista talent to a large extent. Eva Andersson-Dubin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Devoted people died for its deuses and killed for them; it chicoteou the coasts until bleeding, it swore the celibacy of entire life or I silence it solitary, everything the service of the religion. So that everything this? Which benefits is it of the religion? (DAWKINS, 2007, P. 218). With the birth of the cult the deities would be necessary also the creation of positions for the people in charge to carry through the maintenance of the cults, had appeared the priests, passing for old Egypt or for the mesopotmicas societies, Greeks and Romans until the present they had always had the same characteristics and had enriched in the same way making use of its eloquence and power of alienation. .