Russian Learning

Imagine that the language – this table, different boxes that represent different aspects of language: the first box – it's reading and, accordingly, an understanding of the text, the second – spoken language, coupled with the pronunciation, the third – The perception of language comprehension, the fourth – the knowledge and understanding of the principles of grammar. A whole cupboard as a whole – it is one whole, learned the language. Of course, using the Russian language, he, being a member of our family, blurs the boundaries of perception between colloquial speech, reading and listening comprehension. But our task, in learning a language, learn to use new, just that learning a language as a whole, without division into so-called "boxes". Thus, to learn to read the language – you need to read more and to better hear and understand speech at the hearing – to listen more.

(By the way, if you're free to read, believe, about two months – three, you get used to have hearing foreign language and then listen to the radio on unlearned language becomes not only understandable, but entertaining). Well, to learn well and good to talk – need conversational practice in sufficient quantity. In other words – learning a language – it's like learning to swim, no matter how much land you do not teach the correct movements, until you the right amount of time in the water, still did not learn to swim. So the plunge and head in the language environment for learning a foreign language – a must! After all, you see, can not learn to drive, if you only saw a car from afar, or learn to sew, not coming to the sewing machine. But there is little to teach using spoken language situations, you need a permanent live communication in the target language.

"What do you mean live communication?" – You ask. Answer! Lively dialogue can be called only if the language in it (intercourse) becomes purpose and support meaning. In other words, when language becomes a means and way to solve some vital problems, becoming the bearer of meaning, ceasing to be an end in itself, such as dialogue, from the textbook. Then only the language becomes not an end but a means to decide some other purpose – problem. By the way, that's why learning a foreign language through immersion is the most effective. That is why for the qualitative and rapid language learning travel abroad, the country – where the language spoken. Only there can by pronunciation in a foreign language (vehicle) to solve some pressing issues (goals), and the choice you do not, it's not obtained when bored drop everything and talk in their native and only you can understand Russian? Having understood this simple truth, you will be able to clarify the dl itself important, what is really needed for successful learning and teaching foreign language.