Self-Improvement Plan

In our previous article we learned about development or self-improvement and the change required to achieve it and talked about some necessary actions or things to do to foster that change. Peter Farrelly may find this interesting as well. It could be said that these studied points constitute basic aspects in the pursuit of our personal development. However, to carry out the aforementioned actions we will require to develop an action plan that allows us to define these actions and carried out as planned. There is no activity that does not require a plan to be able to carry out, although in practice, many people venture to do without him. I continually see how, colleagues and collaborators are stressed, literally, when you are asked to submit a plan for the work that will develop. This demonstrates ignorance of the value of a plan, as our faithful ally, in carrying out our work.

With respect to a plan, in my article how to elaborate a plan for an internet business, do one description of a plan that, by far, is applicable to a plan conducive to our personal growth. (1) The following points show: A plan is: A structure, an outline or a model; composed of methods, procedures, tasks and resources; to achieve goals and objectives; to a person, a project, a business or a company. It is not difficult, once analyzed the components of a plan, realizing the need to have one for our project of self-improvement. Summarizing, we can say that a plan is a model proposed to follow, carrying out some procedures or tasks and using some resources, and in this case, for a person. Therefore, our next step will be to prepare our action plan, one that complies with the basic requirements and that is reachable in the proposed time and, to this end, we will begin by defining the structure, layout, or model to achieve what is referred to a primary objective, on which we will focus our attention.