Social Dance Studios

In other words, there was no room either to sit or talk, or a glass of water or a cup of coffee to drink, and we have it you can. This is an idea I've spied some in Holland in 1996, where he was in the group as a translator. People who took us to learn about my passion for dancing, took me to a school dance. It was organized by the type of so-called Social Dance Studios. In the Netherlands, social dancing – very, very popular. The main thing – people just come to such clubs to learn to dance and socialize. There's all helped to create a relaxed atmosphere and comfort: there were also booths for relaxing with sofas and showers, lots of all equipment for parties, and even the bar.

All this was so enjoyable and interesting that I wanted to bring it in Murmansk. In my young mind stuck this picture, this image and all that is done, it all comes down to what I seen in the Netherlands. Why did you choose this name for the club, what is the reason? Just wanted to oppose his own school of dance around what was at that time in Murmansk: other clubs, their own teachers. I was the youngest cohort of teachers, and all my undertakings taken lightly and with irony. I got a fighting spirit – purely for children reaction. I wanted to prove to everyone that I'm actually a teacher and as organizer, so I decided not narekat their offspring banal name-stamp.