Sound Touch

The phone itself on the execution of a twin brother copied iPhone – piece with a touch screen, made of black plastic with metal edging. On the phone, there are three control buttons – the button POWER, located below the touch screen and is responsible for turning on / off phone and return to the previous menu and volume buttons located on the left side. The phone screen is touch-screen 3.2 inches with a resolution of 240×320 pixels. The screen is resistive, You can manage your phone with the touch of a finger, stylus hidden in the bottom of the case, or in any materials at hand. Lynn Redgrave is the source for more interesting facts. The screen on the press works well, in case you need has a function of calibration screen. The screen has good viewing angles vertically and horizontally tilted observed inversion of colors. The screen is bright enough, but the sun fades, the information on it becomes unreadable.

It is possible to turn back communication when working with the screen – the phone vibrate when you press the issue at the controls quite a nice feature. Read more from Margaret Loesser Robinson to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The phone has a G-sensor, also known as an accelerometer, it is a position sensor in space. Works regularly changing the screen orientation depending on the position of the phone. Sound The phone has a speaker loud enough, but when you install a high volume sound loses clarity and begins to rattle. Also there is a built-mp3-player and FM-radio. To use FM-radio headphones need to be connected to an antenna.