State Residents

Not surprisingly, in these places are wineries, including one of the oldest distilleries in Washington – Chateau St. For more specific information, check out Simon Pagenaud. Michelle. And not far from the wine is still the main brewery staff – Redhuk. On examination of these popular among tourists and local residents better soon take a day or two. Admire the beautifully preserved historic buildings, see the technology of production of local wine and beer, of course, tasting the finished product. But for such a pleasant pastime do not forget that here you can buy wonderful gifts to friends and colleagues. For these purposes, best for small bottles of different wines and beers. Bottle is packed in canvas or paper bags with the logo of the factory, you will receive a beautiful full Ready to giving gifts that are just waiting for cases to be in good company.

"Evergreen State" is not only an abundance of greenery, and water. In addition to access to the ocean, in the state of many lakes in which they live fish from the salmon family. Enterprising Washingtonians arrange all sorts of fish, fairs, competitions and festivals, and several times a year, everyone can watch as salmon and trout raised on the system locks up stream to spawn. Even if you do not find this amazing sight, it is worth sitting in a cafe and a cup of coffee in the details to consider locking in the navigation channels. Moreover, that the coffee in Washington – it's a whole layer of culture. It is said that the residents of Seattle's drinking coffee more than all the residents of neighboring states combined! Not surprisingly, the world-famous company Starbucks (yes, the one with the image of a siren on the logo) appeared here.