Study Theater To Express Yourself.

Many people feel that art unites the way that we see life. Art is a way of expression of thoughts, which show the vision of the environment in which we live. However, in order to achieve an adequate expression, we must have certain skills which allow to give the ideal way about what we mean. With this in mind, to make a beautiful art form of expression must make some form of education that make it possible to give life to thoughts, and among the many manifestations of art that exist in the present paper recommends studying theater, and that this beautiful scenic art, give free rein to expression and the use of body and environment as an artistic manifestation. Studying theater meant the development of knowledge about a mode of operation, in which different situations can be recreated, through speech, gestures, scenery, music and entertainment. Studying theater requires great effort put in to do the correct use of time, gestures and movements, as well as to be put on long texts, which are represented in the work, the good thing is that here is where parts of the personality of each person, adding to his character something of his personality. must take into account that the study theater presents an added difficulty is explicitly given in the theater and is the final performance of the work, which is held before a large number of people, which may prove daunting for some people But these points are what get better with practice it means to study theater, it will be day to day working on issues such as the staging and all that it means when studying theater and its subsequent application in completion of an excellent work. One point that should be taken into account when studying theater, is that through this can work in the various forms of manifestation of the theater, among which are the common narrative, the style of dialogue, opera, ballet, mime, Chinese opera and pantomime, all this will allow students the opportunity to participate in various demonstrations and practice and then decide for each one that best suits their tastes and abilities. When studying theater, know that there are some key points in this art, each of which can mean a field of action are: – Text: works that are represented in the development of drama, written in the form dialogue and in person. The text is considered by many as the most important point of the theater. – Address: is your point relates largely to the director as creative artist, which is responsible for the coordination and the elements of the environment in which there is representation. – Action: this is the point of expression through the body, whether comedy or drama themes.