Successful Entrepreneurs

To surpass these fragilities, the success entrepreneur needs to develop and to improve specific characteristics to act in the international market. The plan of action of small companies is called of ' ' guerrilha' ' strategical and according to Levinson (1989), the guerrilla must present: Patience: the strategists must have patience to get resulted of long stated period and not to give up a defeat ahead. Aggressiveness: it includes made right initiative, innovation, creativity and investments. Imagination: to develop and to create in the made up of marketing (product, price, square and promotion). Sensitivity: to perceive the changes in the market and to know what and when it must be modified to get good commercial results. Check with Tony Parker to learn more. Interior will: to believe what it makes and making optimum that it will be able. The positioning that the small company will come to adopt in the international market must be present in all the levels of the small company, in all the sectors and such positioning counts on the aid of the international marketing to be successful.

When mentioning what it is international marketing Cateora (2007, P. 09) teaches: … international marketing is the performance of enterprise activities assigned to more than plan, to define prices, to promote and to direct the flow of products and services of the company for customers or users in a country aiming at the profit. The only difference enters the definitions of domestic marketing and international it is that in these last activities of marketing they occur more than in a country. To this pparently small difference? in more than a country? , they must it found complexity and the diversity in the operations of international marketing. The author above also mentions that the concepts, processes and principles of marketing is universally applicable and the mission of the marketing professional is the same one, is it making businesses in the external or internal market.