Humor In The Society

In the present society, and for all time, humor has been fundamental for the social interaction. Humor not only an entertainment form that sets out to bring about laughter or to make happy to somebody. It is much more that, is a form of communication between the people. A great diversity around the types of humor exists, is common that the children ***reflx mng of a slip or a fall, although these situations also can be humorous for greatest. Humor generally deals with subjects social interest, the death (well-known like black humor), sex, the behavior animal, the religion, etc. Within the humor of the verbal type, are several technical : the sarcasm, the game of words, parodia, exaggeration, the irony, etc. In the jokes, these elements usually appear frequently. Besides the humor of the verbal type it is the situation humor, that corresponds to the facts of the daily life that they bring about laughter, these can be funniest, happens generally of spontaneous way and that spontaneity is essential to produce the laughter. One of the more common types of humor at present is denominated graphical humor: cartoons, comic strips, funny images, people similar to another one, people in ridiculous situations, etc. can be enough graceful ones. Something that is clearly also is that a thing that to a person him can seem graceful, to another one it can not cause no grace to him, is necessary to consider the cultural differences that exist between the people, for that reason the context is very important in which to humor it talks about. In Internet humor has gained a privileged place, and the present time are thousands of pages destined to the humor of the most varied the forms. What type of humor you prefer?