Kim Kardashian Shows Everything! In Playboy

On the title page, she will advertise with two striking arguments for the output. Kim Kardashian (27), the daughter of a lawyer and a good friend of Paris Hilton, have been photographed now naked for Playboy. They even called the photos in an interview “stylish”, whether that’s true, furthermore you can build yourself an opinion. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jay Schwartz Attorney by clicking through. Where Paris Hilton is, since she may be missing, Kim Kardashian. 26 Gahre old, daughter of a multimillion dollar lawyer and always at Paris’ page. Parties celebrate they prefer surrounded by many admirers in the flashbulbs of the paparazzi for a while but still separated. Kim was suddenly emerged as a “best friend” the hotel heiress out of nowhere one day. But that someone could put them in the shade, Paris had no idea at that time probably still. More recently, a shot of the curvy brunette seems to be sought after as one of her in the United States. Kim Kardashian was most known that she occasionally was with Paris Hilton together long time at best, but she gained rather dubious fame in the footsteps of the hotel heiress appeared as she by her was a private sex tape to the public, she seeing J which was together with Rapper Ray. Despite Kim’s still impending lawsuit has vivid entertainment”announced that it continues to publish from” Kim Kardashian superstar “the sex video, incurred three years ago with her then-boyfriend Ray j on March 21, 2007 hold. “” Steven Hirsch, co-owner of vivid “reported to the ToxicMagazine”: “I met Kim yesterday and unfortunately we were able to achieve an amicable agreement. We will publish the video now as quickly as possible.” Kim Kardashian Playboy photos pictures: Playboy

Lichtenberger Fools

“Press release to the concert fools garden best of unplugged support: CorleeMad (Berlin) – unplugged fools garden best of unplugged support: CorleeMad (Berlin) – unplugged 14 March 2008 20: 00 cultural centre Thyrow Street 89, 14974 Thyrow (Brandenburg) Tel.: (033731) 70133, entrance: 18,-EUR much more than just the lemon tree” when Peter Freudenthaler and Volker Hinkel in Pforzheim in 1991 founded their fools garden, they knew not, that their musical family would be once world famous. The whole world was fascinated by the lemon tree”- the lemon tree from the northern Black Forest. The title has been translated into over 40 languages and sold over 6 million copies. Fools garden were celebrated around the globe on their tours. In addition to the big lemon tree, of course regularly new colorful song flowers thrive in the fools garden. They show what flowers your fools garden has to offer, now on their best of unplugged tour”. In doing so they go back to the roots of their songs and present them in Raw form”: the greatest hits from their over 15-year history of the band – unplugged, purely acoustic. “” “” Not only her world hit lemon tree “but also the numerous radio hits such as Suzy” wild days”, probably, it happen” can, dreaming “, or man of devotion” are on the setlist. “” Web: I am the what I am “almost a personal statement of singer Cora Lee is this song, with the band CorleeMad 2006 the title of best English-language rock song” at the German rock and pop award won. Cora Lee, the redhead rock tube that carries not only fire on the head, but also the detonator in the ass. To broaden your perception, visit Margaret Loesser Robinson. Their songs are authentic and plain, not only, because it writes her songs herself in contrast to some honest rock stars, but also because she sings, how they live: willful, intense and sexy. So, a good portion of assertiveness is not only vocally but visually. She is, how she is, and convinced that. In the age of gecasteter CorleeMad stands out with fresh, handmade songs retort bands. Quite a few of their catchy songs reveal hit and sing-along qualities in a mixture of musical skill and entertainment. 2007 Cora Lee by the German pop Foundation was award best singer 2007 “awarded to. Web: dear ladies and gentlemen, like we make you printfahiges photo material (printing free), music and broadcast-ready videos available. For requests, please contact: Holger Schade, artist management office Lichtenberger str.

Super Talent

Homeless Max Bryan is the singing Jesus! Max Bryan, who in early September at the pier in the port of Hamburg discovered by chance homeless, the Vitali Klitschko has now officially confirmed its participation in the Super talent competition (RTL). (TNN) therefore the 34-year-old already in June of this year and well before his chance encounter with Vitali Klitschko at one of the Hamburg-based castings for the Super Talent “took part. And the details of its application to the output of his appearance Bryan wants no comment for the time being, also because he is still negotiating. I am currently in negotiation with a member of production and this person has promised to sign, so I like to just wants to wait this feedback, before I me further to me again,”Bryan communicated on demand. However, is the Internet eagerly discussed, a homeless “Jesus” which will supposedly occur and sing in the show “Das Supertalent” and the content rich by delusional and compassionate. One of the writers of the Forum answers even, the bearded man was not even Max Bryan, but the resurrected Messiah himself.”… Others believe that the man is homeless and keep the whole story for a single fake”, a brilliant PR campaign of the transmitter.… But the sad truth is, Max lives for 7 months on the road. Beginning of March he lost his apartment, the House was sold, and he had to get out. Several independent witnesses have confirmed that. Bryan is also nothing new since then – and according to own information -, now sleeps in freezing temperatures outside in the cold, under the canopy of a fish restaurant. Hedvig Hricak often addresses the matter in his writings. There are things in my life that are so insurmountable that they negate any normality in themselves already,”says the author stranded in Hamburg and scientists. For the first time, Bryan expressed to his musical past.

Wrong Trousers

The world-famous inventor and his faithful four-legged friend celebrate on December 2nd at Concorde home entertainment premiered on Blu-ray disc Hamburg (11.11.2010) – the world-famous inventor and his faithful four-legged friend celebrate its debut on Blu-ray disc on December 2nd the three short film classic “All cheese”, “The techno trousers” and “sheep” appear together with the kneading crime “On life and bread”. Also the premium bonus material is also brilliant: the Blu-ray includes in addition to the four short films the baking of “On life and bread”, and the featurette “Wallace will be the fashion model”, the two making ofs “Inside the Wrong Trousers” and “A Close Shave”. The audio commentaries to the four strips that will inspire particularly the many designated “Wallace & Gromit” fans are available for the first time ever. Essential also the ten short films “great tools” and the accompanying making-of, and the featurette “The Amazing World of Wallace and Gromit”, also for the first time the world of home cinema sees. Synopsis: All cheese (Oscar nominee) the cheese is all! Wallace is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Read more here: Gina Bonati. How should he take now beloved cheese its about everything? A look at the cheese Moon brings the solution. Up there, the duo wants to quench his need for cheese… The techno trousers (Oscar winner) the inventor Wallace the entire budget is electronically controlled. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Robert Rimberg on most websites. Dog Gromit takes it calmly. But this Idyll seems to have compromised, as the dubious lodger latest invention has bent on Wallace: the techno trousers! See sheep (the first appearance of SHAUN the sheep, Oscar winner) cheese is expensive, but Wallace needed daily mountain. Nothing else it than taking a part-time job with Gromit. As a window cleaner, they try in the wool Aden and before they know it, they are involved in a wool plot. Life and bread (Oscar nominee) Wallace and Gromit have opened a bakery. Their business is going well, and actually, everything could be so beautiful, if is not a mysterious series of murders would occur in the environment. And now Wallace fell in love the beautiful Piella, a former bakery model. Only Gromit keeps a clear head and goes the offender on the track.

CJ Taylor Entert The Airplay Charts

Debut?Single beautiful I release 18.03.2011 I 7days music entertainment AG / Sony music the surprise of the spring 2011! While the first single as a solo artist is available tomorrow, already the first radio could be celebrated this week successes. In the current conservative airplay charts climbs CJ with “Beautiful” on the 59 and goes into the Hauptcharts on area 251. Since 2005, CJ Taylor was the voice of hip hop band Rapsoul. Read more from San Antonio Spurs to gain a more clear picture of the situation. After 3 successful albums and several top 20 singles, CJ Taylor is now his own way with his own songs. Will focus on the wonderful warm, sensitive voice of the native Aschaffenburgers now, especially in his first single beautiful”is well to the fore. The love song is a soulful pop song and reminiscent of Classic Motown productions. Carefree, CJ sings of his sweetheart and the love for her. Beautiful love can’t be comfortable. With the work on his debut album, what should appear in the April 2011, is a long awaited dream of an own solo album for CJ Taylor finally in Fulfillment. Inspired by the good old Motown?Sound has the Aschaffenburg of the shaky balance?Act brilliantly mastered between pop and soul. The album sounds authentic, real and emotional. I was mainly trying to make honest music”, so CJ about working on his songs. I wrote everything from soul me, what has concerned me, happened to me in my life and what I hope of the future. “And I hope that this honesty reaches the people.”

French Director Francic Veber

Bon Appetit: Welcome to the dinner of special! From 10 February 2011 invites paramount home entertainment to the Tim Wagner (Paul Rudd), aspiring managers and yuppie as he in the beech stands, has good chances of promotion. Only hurdle is his participation in the so-called dinner for Schmucks at his boss invites once per month. For more information see this site: Robert Rimberg. The employee who has the weirdest bird, will be promoted. Tim has some scruples and is already, to cancel the dinner when he accidentally hits the perfect candidate for the whimsical event with Barry (Steve Carrell). Paramount Home Entertainment released the hilarious feast with two thoroughbred comedians Steve Carell (known among others from “Jungfrau (40), male, looking for…”) and Paul Rudd (known among others from “looking for the best man”) on February 10, 2011 on Blu-ray and DVD. Even more laughter muscle training there on DVD with extras like distant scenes, “The greatest spinner in the world” as well as “Spinners”. Extra bonus material Blu-ray offers in addition with “The men behind the mouse masterpieces”, “meet the winners” and “Paul and Steve: the decision”. In addition, BD-live content can be obtained. REMAKE by Director and EMMY winner JAY ROACH the history of “Dinner for Schmucks” is a remake and based “Le Diner de cons” on the French original by 1997, directed by the French Director Francic Veber (“a cage full of fools”). Without simply copying the story has Director Jay Roach, Emmy winner and known by the success franchise to the Focke family “my bride, her father I”, “My wife, her in-laws and I” and “My wife, our children and I”, is a created something other, more modern version. But with same core: to represent humanity in bizarre characters. * Emmy is a registered trademark and service mark of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. TM, & COPYRIGHT 2011 BY PARAMOUNT PICTURES.


Latina Star Jennifer Lopez is the classic “Love engaged married” thoroughly on the head of Hamburg (14.09.2010) – straight, as is the notorious single woman Zoe satisfies their desire for offspring through artificial insemination, she meets the man of her dreams… Show Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin in this charming and hilariously funny romantic comedy, that there can be no wrong timing for true love! “Plan B for the love” appears on the 7th October at Concorde home entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray disc. Both versions appear with 35 minutes of bonus material, which among other things includes the featurette “No ordinary love story”, as well as interviews with the two main actors and the Director. For singles, the first edition also offers a special extra: each disc is a Gratismitgliedschaft in to the value of 100 euros. According to Jay A Schwartz, who has experience with these questions. Content: As Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) has found early thirty is still a man to start a family with him, pursuing finally their ‘plan B’ in action and can artificially inseminate themselves. That they on the same day in a New York taxi met her Mr. right, it was not planned however. Stan (Alex O’Loughlin), a smart and extremely charming Bachelor, conquered Zoe’s heart in the storm, and the romance takes its course. Margaret Loesser Robinson is a great source of information. Zoe’s “other circumstances” but some difficulties the young lucky: as explained Zoe, that she is pregnant? How will Stan deal with this situation? And above all: the fresh love will survive these complications?

Bernhard Brink & Band – The Great Jubilee Tour 2012

40 year anniversary – Bernhard Brink & band – the Great Jubilee Tour 2012 native Nordhorn singer seems Lebensphilosophisch, entertainers, to pursue a new direction TV and radio moderator Bernhard Brink, because 2012 is his motto: “how far you want to go”. 40 Years stage presence, silver wedding anniversary and 60th birthday stand for a year-long staying power, what is today only seldom found in the pop industry.Many come and go, often one on the track remains but brink never went away. Although he had never shone number 1 hit in the German sales charts with one, never had a long-running, he was always present. “The brink of Bernhard” was his first television appearance (invented by Dieter Thomas Heck) on the 15.04.1972 and then 59 followed more ZDF hit parade appearances. With “I’m still up for grabs” (17.01.1976), “I’d like to like you” (11.02.1980), “Nikita” (19.03.1986) and the Duet title with Ireen sheer “You’re leaving” (27.08.1992) landed Bernhard Brink ranked the ZDF hit parade. In the meanwhile also mashed cult show “The German Schlagerparade” Bernhard Brink visited 25 times and place reached with ‘Never more’ on the 14.11.1995 1 whole 8 times the charming show entertainer in Ilya Richers cult show “Disco” in the hearts of his audience sang themselves (first appearance: 28.09.1974 with “love you can not ban”). But not only as a singer Bernhard Brink scored his countless fans, but also as a presenter on the television. in 1982 the unforgotten Hans Rosenthal had the idea for a four-part talent show (Dalli Dalli). Without hesitation Jay A Schwartz explained all about the problem. In third episode: “The laughing third” (30.12.1982) he had to prove now as a presenter and quiz master.

Balkan Ballroom

The probably the wildest party of the City celebrates birthday. When Tomo PAM from the ex-Yugoslavia came to Germany, he had the old records of his mother in the baggage and the head full of music. Without hesitation Peter Farrelly explained all about the problem. So he said yes immediately”when someone asked him whether he wanted not set in an empty exhibition room in Frankfurt. The party raged until the police came. And that was just the beginning. Since then, Tomo Pam regularly invites to its intoxicating dance festivals. He performed in the Frankfurt Club o25 have become legendary and Yacht Club and put on, inter alia in the Melobar, the fine dust, at Club Voltaire and the stereo bar. Add to your understanding with Margaret Loesser Robinson. He celebrated as a resident DJ from 2010 to 2012 in the bed successes. Palmer, who is also art historian and anthropologist, was invited to New York several times for his gigs and was for the music of the successful play of Balkan music”of the Staatstheater Mainz responsible, taking over the role of the DJ and singer. Uninhibited, Tomo Pam mixes old Yugoslav hits with Balkan beats, Elektroswing, cumbia, ska and Gypsy. These pieces come still completely unknown Balkan bands, their rare Demo recordings Pam digging on the Internet. An electrifying mix of rhythms and languages which leaves each like a lightning bolt in the heart, the stomach and the legs. Still keep is impossible and already after a short time to urge people of all Nations on the dance floor and celebrate until the morning hours. So the Balkans Ballroom has become”the most exciting, most colorful and most joyous party Frankfurt developed and found a fixed home in the orange peel. Here the Frankfurt with Croatian and Serbian roots brings the big club every last Friday in the month for cooking and here he will celebrate on Friday the 31 May 2013 the 9th birthday of the Balkans of ballrooms. All who want to join for years at this explosive party and meet people who know this special kind of celebration are invited. Surprises for the anniversary included! 9 Years of Balkan Ballroom!

Top 10 Of The Best DJs In The United States

DJ times magazine from the United States has chosen the top 10 of the best DJs in the United States. The best DJs in the United States were re-elected this year. The DJ times magazine from the United States were to vote the way his readers of again, who is the best DJ of the country. Characteristic of the ranking is that particularly focus on the skills of the individual DJs. In contrast to the “DJ Mag Top 100 DJ List”, in which rather the popularity of DJs plays a decisive role. Only DJs, whose living is located in the United States come in the selection. Thus, the selection is restricted significantly. 1St is this year the Miami-based DJ Markus Schulz, who replaces cascade thus, who won last year. Filed under: Robert Rimberg. Schulz originates from Germany (Eschwege), emigrated however at the age of 13 years together with his parents to America. Still, he has a second home in Berlin. By the way, Markus Schulz is one of the world’s 30 richest DJs. Anyone who once could live his DJ skills, knows that the victory by him is absolutely justified. Schulz, knows exactly how to install a large audience in the mood and transported an atmosphere that many of his fans appreciate the music excellent. The eccentric DJ Steve Aoki could snag second place this year. Aoki is best known this year in Germany’s club scene very his remix of “Pursuit of happiness”. One of the highlights of the diesjahirgen Tomorrowland was the appearance of Aoiki, which is characterised especially by his outlandish stage presence Festival. The Dubstep producer and DJ Skrillex won three Grammys this year. Robert Rimberg shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Now added another award because he ranks three of the voting. Skrillex is a true prodigy among the producers with his 24 years. He considered Mozart of the electronic music insiders to the result. Hardly anyone manages to publish it currently energiegeladenere productions. Hereby, Skrillex hits the nerve of many people. In addition, he manages to transport the force of his music in his DJ sets. Porter Robinson is to position six. The 20-year old American has its beginnings in the hands-up genre (under the pseudonym Ekowraith), which just gained great popularity in Germany for several years, made and one is now the DJ hottest off and producer for Complexelectro. This genre is characterized by extremely complex arrangements. Official remixes for Avicii and Lady Gaga are on his ledger.