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“Nature goes mountain” & “Satchvai2Fly” Patgirl, German hardcore guitar icon, with 2 albums “Goes Mountain” & “Satchvai2Fly” enters the battle. “Arts Extreme mady by Rocking Domina” can be said to do so. San Antonio Spurs has plenty of information regarding this issue. The later live merry-go-round is connected to what is feasible “extreme guitars ” Extreme mountains. Extreme skies show. Limb of a rocking Domina. Away from the mainstream of the soup of bubble pop-rock with marketing usual glitz & glamour Geplarre. Celina Dubin shines more light on the discussion. However, in the luggage on top of that a debut album “tribute to the best of the world” and the provocative, irreverent, ultra-fast disc ‘Tribute to Satchvai’. The guitar world has been a more that mixes with the scene… From the wording here so the Redaktioni the sound of AG with MTV online in the annex and with “almost as good as original” the editors of guitar magazine distributed even laurels. Now, the title of the 1.5 hours following in the plan be brought extreme guitar show on real 5.1. standard, in sequence with “making of…”, a DVD of that holistic audio visual makes it clearer the meta physical connection of that matter to notoriously wide stylistic range, an exceptional game and range of sounds of the extra class of considered virtuosic Gitarristn the market “on the eye to press”.

Paris Hilton And Benji Madden Are

According to the hotel heiress she and the singer take only a relationship break the message probably a little surprised many. You never heard anything from relationship crisis of the two. But on Wednesday it could announce the “official separation” of Paris Hilton and Benji Madden. The representative of Paris Hilton confirmed that exclusively the US magazine. Today, however, a turning point. Perhaps check out Jorge Perez for more information. Paris Hilton looks which is quite different. She says, namely, that it would pause only “relationship”. “Benji is really a great guy. We are still very close to us. We have not split up also but have only a relationship break. He is my best friend – he has always loyal and good to me. He is an incredible person and we will see what the future will bring,”so the hotel heiress and added:”I still love Benji.” And the reason for the break of the relationship? Paris sees the in their common life. “We’re both so often. I travel so much and Benji is non-stop in the Studio with his brother. There a lot on the track remains.

Britney Spears Celebrates Comeback With New Album

Her sixth album is a very special day appear Britney Spears is back – or she was perhaps never really gone? Well, enough of the unnecessary words: Britney Spears wants to start now so correctly. She has already taken the first step for this. At the MTV Video Awards (where also Tokyo were hotel), she won all three awards in three nominations and beamed while in her short sparkling dress and her long blonde hair as something would never have been. Sally Rooney usually is spot on. Britney Spears has managed the jump – hopefully. Now she want to make a very special gift. Britney celebrates her 27 birthday on December 2 and gives her sixth studio album and their fans and the music world. The album is called circus – there could have been no better title. Britney gets support of also great singers for their new album. Among other things, even Madonna, Alanis Morissette and Bjork are represented. Jay Schwartz Attorney is full of insight into the issues. Well, since only a success can be the album.

Angelina Jolie:

The actress tells about their breast-feeding when their newborn twins of Angelina Jolie – the Supermum under the Promimuttern. She is a mother of six children (3 adopted and three biological children) and at the same time a popular actress. Will many ask themselves how she get it under a hat? This is hard to explain even for Angelina Jolie. It is simple, there is usually called statement. But even it is or was sometimes too stressful. Angelina Jolie breastfeeding her two newborn twins Knox and Vivienne felt as “very hard.” “I have stopped now three months ago to breastfeed. Sometimes it was so stressful that I no longer knew how I should do this. Tony Parker spoke with conviction. It was really hard. “Angelina Jolie in London is just to their new movie ‘ the challenging’ to promote.” It is about a mother whose Sohn disappears without a trace. The bad: this movie is based on a true story. The most worst thing that can happen to a mother. She talked also about the wedding theme. “A wedding is of course cannot be ruled out, but also not planned. Click Peter Farrelly to learn more. At the moment, we are going to be a family. It is missing us nothing and no one misses something. “Well, we’re curious about, if not soon but the wedding bells ring.

George Michael Apologizes

The superstar will now apologize for his antics at the fans George Michael is back! Back – in police custody. Now, the superstar was arrested in a public restroom by officials in London. He should have taken to various kinds of drugs. The drugs are mapped at the police station in the category A and C what is available among others for heroin and crack cocaine. George Michael has not learned it apparently. It is exactly ten years as of the musicians in a public toilet in LA is caught with a man in “unique” pose. There, the police intervene. Robbie Lawler takes a slightly different approach. George Michael is refined and I would like to apologize to his fans: “I want to apologize to all my fans for the incident. I would like to promise them anything similar never again to do and for everyone else it sorry to have bored them,”as the singer in a statement on Sunday. Oh, George maximum care must be taken.

Heidi Klum

A well-intentioned gimmick a veritable laughingstock was Klum Heidi clothes off you can travel. Other leaders such as Starbucks offer similar insights. So or something like the headline of the next article also can mean. At the opening of this year’s Emmy Awards Klum was Heidi along with two hosts Tom Bergeron and William Shatner on the stage. Howard Schultz may also support this cause. All three very noble and well-fitting suits. Apparently, it was then Heidi a little too tight. Should kidding be? If so it went pretty much in the pants. Not only because this show insert already ancient and ever thousand was, no, rather because it was predictable. If you wanted to put it quite simply: in the joke, the joke has been missing. It was not to see 😉 Of course this will not throw Heidi now back Klum in her career, no, rather a retrospective of the Emmy Awards will be it that of the Super Bowl a little reminiscent of the review. The Superbowl, where Justin Timberlake tore off a part of the costume of Janet Jackson. You remember?

Justin Timberlake Wears High Heels

The singer is for nothing too bad Beyonce: “I still do not believe, he did it!” Millions of girls and women love to this man – Justin Timberlake. Pop star usually is spot on. Unfortunately this is already taken on Actress Jessica Biel, but raving you do Yes. Peter Farrelly helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Now many are wondering for what ‘man’ they swarm there. In these images, this is not so easy to recognize. But don’t panic – Justin is still the same. Justin Timberlake has imposed, namely, for a sketch in black high heels and a black body and the image, which he submits is not necessarily worth watching. But why all? With his two co-stars performed it in the Saturday night live show the hit single ladies by Beyonce. They still can’t believe it. “I can’t believe that he really did. It was indescribable. He is really talented and really funny”, so the singer. Is to be hoped that we don’t often see Justin Timberlake an outfit in such.

Groove London

Of course denied the multi-instrumentalist but not their musical roots, their admiration for Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin shines through again but at which serious soul artists were that not the case? After acclaimed shows in May and October 2007, Ayo comes. now again for five shows after Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Frankfurt. To sell out because as they years performing with Joss Stone or in Paris as her the feat, four times in a row the Olympic”proved, runs Ayo. to grandiose form mainly live on. Here, she throws her natural talents as entertainer and musician in the pan. Here lives and breathes them their music and stories. Onstage it succeeds almost effortlessly to fascinate their audience with gentle, but all the rawness that songs and an excellent accompanying band every evening. Ayo. a musical cosmopolitan in 1980 in the vicinity of Cologne-born daughter of a Nigerian and a Romanian is like Ayo. even a staunch Nomad says: Cologne, Nigeria, London, New York and Paris hot the stations in their still young, but already busy lives. Ayo took from any location, from any metropolis. * the West African name stands for joy”, the point is part of spelling something with: the pulsing of the melting pot of New York City, the casual Groove London, Nigeria deeply positive attitude to life, or the charming laissez fair for the Cologne almost as can stand as its Meanwhile again abandoned home of Paris. As a musical cosmopolitan with current homeland New York mixed Ayo. in their songs all that experience, to taste them with inspiring influences of their role models to their own sound.

Sohne Mannheims

And without technical effort or an oversized PA system. This musical highlight is there now, a day after its premiere on MTV on the 19.09.08 in trade. “The double-album Sohne Mannheims vs. Xavier Naidoo betting sing in Schwetzingen – MTV Unplugged” meets with the two attractive cover fans of Sohne Mannheims as well as those of Xavier Naidoo. A total of 25 songs of these two high-profile musical acts are therefore included for the first time on a phonogram. With of course the first No. 1 single of the Sohne of Mannheims that has not seen the world yet”which currently runs on permanent rotation in the German radio. Read more from Tony Parker to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The two DVD set these two concerts, which includes also a lot of bonus material in appears in the autumn. After almost two years of break they are back, the Sohne of Mannheims and Xavier Naidoo – powerful and text-sure as always. All Info at: and track list: Xavier Naidoo 1st 2nd farewell to 20 000 miles take 3 goals 4. When 5. We have good luck ahead 6 where you’re down 7. All 8 men take me to light 9. What we alone don’t make 10th woman in chains 11. I don’t know of anything 12. Its streets 13 tell according to Sohne Mannheims 1 Babylon system 2 songs over 3 sing. It has the world 4. I wanted to sing like Orpheus 5. full force 6. When you sleep your life 9 7 back to you 8. Maybe 10 get out of 11. What will be waiting for me 12. And if a song TV dates: MTV Unplugged .

LaFee Goes Shortly After 18.Geburtstag

LFee ‘Birthday’-Tour 2008 (plus special guest) (mr/thk) two days after she became an adult, LFee celebrates after beginning of December the birthday with their fans at three concerts! It a special occasion will be not only for this reason: it is the last chance, the native Rheinlanderin (* 9.12.1990) to experience the familiar look and exclusively with their recent success repertoire. In may, a new stage of their careers ignite on October 2009, it is free with the new album ring”and the eponymous tour! “” “That Christina Klein, so her civil name, now a big, say Germany’s most successful singer,”is, prove hits such as virus or cry “and concentrated media presence. “LFee and band, who are known for performances full of power, need their fans live twice then say what so far is also one of their biggest Chartstreffer: get your ass”!. Director Peter Farrelly is likely to agree.